Ada’s Birthday Celebration and TBT


Dress:  Ralph Lauren (old) // Shoes:  Vince Camuto
Today is my friend Ada’s birthday from Elegance and
Mommyhood.  She had asked a bunch of us
bloggers to join her in a celebration and she gave us the theme of finding a
dress that has been in our closet for at least 2 years.  I’ve actually posted photo proof that this
dress has been in my closet for over two years (keep scrolling to see).  We all know that I’m the queen of reusing
clothing because I usually buy things that I can wear for multiple
seasons.  I decided to pick the above
dress.  There’s actually a deeper meaning
behind this dress and why I chose this particular one. 
As most of you know I lost a lot of weight over the course
of almost a year.  This particular dress
was one of my last straws on my weight and wearing this almost a year ago
killed me.  I had gone to upstate NY with
the boyfriend and his family and when I took this dress with me to take
blogging pictures and wear to the BBQ we went to I didn’t know I would be THAT
upset.  I could barely zip up the back
and I ended up ripping the strap off the button (that’s why it’s a halter in
this picture instead of regular straps because I didn’t sew it back on yet
haha).  I felt so incredibly
uncomfortable and I honestly felt fat. 
There’s no better word to describe how I felt.
It’s been almost a year since I put this dress on.  I was waiting to put this dress on and see
how much I had lost.  It doesn’t look
like it in these pictures but it’s actually a lot bigger on me than is shown
here.  I’m very happy of how far I’ve
come since this time last year, and my clothes this year as opposed to last
year have so much more meaning.  When I
put on clothing that was tight a year ago and either fits me now, or is too big
I get this feeling of happiness and accomplishment.  This past year of hard work and dedication to
my workouts and food was all worth it.

Oh, and for my Star Wars fans “MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU.”

1 thought on “Ada’s Birthday Celebration and TBT”

  1. First of all, don't get rid of that dress. It is so cute! The boats are adorable. I love how it fits you now with all the weight loss.

    Secondly thank you for such a sweet post and everything you wrote. Thanks for being part of my birthday celebration pretty lady. I appreciate your friendship and support! Also, great minds think alike because I also ended my post today with the same infamous "Star Wars" quote lol.

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