Because Pink is always Necessary


Tops and Pants:  Victoria Beckham for Target // Shoes:  Betsy Johnson
As many of you know, my favorite color is pink.  I think this stems from when I was younger, I
never really did the typical girly pinks and purples because my mom dressed me
in clothes she designed and made for me, so I was a little high fashion girl
wearing my first pencil skirt as a baby. 
Basically, it wasn’t until I got older that my love for pink was finally
able to emerge.  Let’s just say I love
pink so much that ever since I had my second car, I’ve even had pink in/on my
cars.  That’s actually how people even
knew what my new car (the scoobaru) was because it has a little pink on the
outside.  When most of the people you
know are car people, you can kind of tell who’s driving what car by the fact
that their personalities show through their cars.
But this post is not about cars, why do I ALWAYS make
something about cars, jeez, I’m such an annoying person hahahaha.
I love that even though pink is girly it’s easy to make it
professional looking and easy to wear, even if you’re not a huge fan of pink.  First of all there’s different shades of pink
from light pink that’s closer to white than pink, to hot pink that’s
obnoxiously in your face.  I personally
love all shades of pink, but the brighter the better for me.
This particular outfit is one that I’ve worn to work a few
times.  I love the bright pink paired
with the peplum top.  It makes it
professional so I can wear it to work, but I can also wear it outside of work.  I actually have a funny story about these
pants, if you follow me on Instagram you already heard about this a few weeks
ago.  I was at work and I moved and heard
a rip sound but didn’t think anything of it because I mean how many times have
I heard that noise and it hasn’t done anything to my clothing?  A lot because last year I gained A LOT of
weight and was busting out of my clothes.
Well, when I ripped it I didn’t think anything of it until I
decided to go to the bathroom.  There was
a huge hole.  Thankfully I had a change
of my gym clothes which looked like capri leggings, but oh how embarrassing!  I guess that’s what I get for squeezing into
a smaller size because I really wanted the pants haha! 
Needless to say my mom came to the rescue as usual.  I can sew, but she’s better at it and will
make sure she will sew it to the point where it won’t rip again haha.  

7 thoughts on “Because Pink is always Necessary”

  1. I have never been huge on pink but that changed the last 6-7 years or so. While I appreciate a bright pink or fuchsia every now and then the light pinks or millenial pink is my favorite. I am glad your mom fixed your awesome pants. That top is gorgeous. I missed out on that top and matching skirt from VS. I wanted them. You got even more things than I did from that collection.

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