Lily Dress


Dress:  Victoria Beckham for Target // Shoes:  Target
Last week I featured the cala lily trousers from the
Victoria Beckham for Target collection, and this week I’m featuring the
dress.  I kind of went a little crazy and
bought a lot of stuff from this collection because well I loved basically
everything.  I’ve also been feeling more
confident in clothing so I actually enjoy purchasing new items and trying them
on.  It’s also really nice that nowadays
I actually say that pieces are too big because I underestimate how much weight
I have actually lost.  Thanks to that I’ve
been experimenting a lot with styles that I would have never tested out before
like body suits and rompers.
However, that’s beside the point.  I always ramble off topic.
I know that this dress is very similar to the pants, but I
couldn’t help myself and had to buy both. 
I love that even though this dress is loose and not form fitting it’s
still flattering with the ruffle bottom and its sleek finish.  I do not regret buying any of these items
from Target even though I spent a lot of money haha.  It was totally worth it!  Now I have a whole new closet of clothes, but
I think the boyfriend might have a little talk with me because I can’t fit my
clothes into the closet and drawers already. 
Meanwhile he has three drawers to himself.  Yea, um, I might have a problem.


3 thoughts on “Lily Dress”

  1. I too bought a lot from the VBxTarget line – most of the dresses for one. Including this calla lillies one which you will see on my blog tomorrow. I missed out on a couple of pieces even. But I also bought a lot for Vivian. This dress is stunning on you girlfriend!

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