Mane Monday: How to use Clip In Extensions

So many people always comment about how beautiful my hair looks in pictures, well guess what.  It’s not my actual hair.  My natural hair is short (even though I’m trying so dang hard to grow it out), thin, and damaged.  I wear extensions 90% of the time and the other 9% of the time I wear my hair up.  Basically you’ll only see my real hair done all nice 1% of the time because I hate it that much.  For today’s post I wanted to show everyone how easy it is to wear clip in extensions.  Now I’m using thinner extensions because well I have thin hair.  If you have thick hair make sure you go for the thicker extensions.  I had a friend with really thick hair buy really thin extensions and there was no way she could make it work so do your research on what you need for your hair.  If you go on any of these sites they usually tell you what the weight is (it’ll have a G that follows a number).  If you have thick hair always go for the bigger one.
I’ve been wearing extensions since I was in high school.  When I was a freshman the trend was to have those clips that make it look like you have a ponytail.  Y’all should remember what I’m talking about if you’re my age.  Then my senior year of high school I went all out and got my extensions professional done.  I got them fused in which at the time I didn’t realize how bad that was for my hair.  Then as the years went by I experimented with gluing them in, then clipping the one piece in my hair which was a disaster, then back to gluing, then even going to get the fused ones, and finally I decided to settle with clip in extensions because well, I could take them out whenever I felt like, I could still wash my hair like a normal person and not worry about my extensions falling out because you just take them out, and I can still wear my natural hair if I want to (even though I hate it haha).

Step 1
First and foremost you need a few tools for extensions.  You’ll need the actual extensions, a hair clip, comb (not pictured above), and curling iron if you want to curl them, but make sure that the extensions are 100% human hair or if they are a special synthetic that can have heat applied.  Usually it’ll say in the description of the extensions.  My particular extensions are from Best Hair Store, however I’ve tried out Luxy Hair, Irresistible Me, and a few different types from Sallys Beauty Supply.  Now, my particular extensions have a total of 7 wefts.  What wefts are, are just how many pieces you have.  Usually they have 2-3 longer (well, actually wider) wefts which I usually use for the back of my hair, 2 wefts for each side of the front and then 2 small wefts for the front as well.  I’ll show you exactly where I place each weft in the below steps.

Step 2
Ok, I could’ve done a MUCH better job parting my hair but I usually don’t care as much with my bottom wefts.  So you part your hair at the lower point of the back of your head.  Then add the clip in extensions.  I usually start with the middle clips, or in this case since this longest weft has 4 clips I starts with the outside clip, then work my way across.

Step 3
Repeat the above step for yet another part that is above the first weft you put in.

Step 4
Repeat yet again a 3rd time if you have 3 long wefts.  I usually put most of them in the back because I have thin hair so it’s easier to hide them in the back of my head.

Step 5
Part the side of your head and add the clips onto that.  For this I usually use the end of my comb to get a straight line.

Step 6
Repeat the above step on the opposite side.

Step 7
This is where you will put the last two wefts.  This is where I usually put the smallest wefts to add a little extra on each side of my head.

Step 8
Repeat on the other side.

Ok, so some people are happy with their final look, but since my hair is super thin, I have to add some more steps to my final look.  I also usually redo the curls to match into my hair more and have more bounce.

Step 9
This is where I tease the back part of my hair.  I do this because my hair is thin and I want to make sure that my hair is covering the clips.  Usually the clips are covered, but sometimes if I sleep on my hair wrong and there’s that little mini “bald spot” or “cyclone” I have to tease it and make sure it covers the clips.

Step 10 (the final step)
This is where I fix the curls a bit and make sure they mix into my normal hair so that it doesn’t look like I’m actually wearing extensions.  And that’s it.  That is how I use hair extensions!
Also, just as an fyi this post wasn’t sponsored, however I did receive these hair extensions from Best Hair Store(that I’ve reviewed previously) a few weeks ago for free.