New Jersey Bucket List

If I don’t write things down, I will forget them without a doubt. When it comes to chores and other things that I need to make sure to do, I find list after list scattered around the house just waiting to be checked off. Most of my lists are not very fun – they are mainly grocery lists, or cleaning lists, but one “fun” list is my New Jersey Bucket list! I cannot share all of the list with you all because it would go on for days, but I will share with you a few highlights:


Go Fossil Hunting
A lot of people do not initially think about it, but New Jersey and other parts of the East Coast definitely had its share of dinosaurs and to this day, you can search for their fossils. Big Brook is a stream in Monmouth County that allows people to look for Cretaceous fossils! The best part about it is that it is free. Although finding dinosaur fossils is very rare here, there is a slight possibility and you might find other fossils that are more common like shark teeth, fish bones and teeth, and other mammal bones. You might end up not finding anything, but it could make for a fun and inexpensive day trip!

Take a Staycation
I have always wanted to take a staycation in New Jersey to act like a tourist for the weekend! I would love to go to all of the best restaurants to wine and dine myself, have a spa morning, go to amusement parks, and relax by the beach. Living in New Jersey is great and while I have explored a lot of the area, it would be great to explore it from a different perspective!

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Do The Lighthouse Challenge
The lighthouse challenge is an annual challenge that takes place in New Jersey each year. This year, 2017, the challenge is on October 21 and 22. The goal for the challenge is to visit all of New Jersey’s maintained lighthouses – you can even climb them, too! Doing the lighthouse challenge is an awesome way to not only see all of the gorgeous lighthouses and scenery, but also get a tour of the state of NJ. If you do the lighthouse challenge on the actual challenge weekend, you will get a souvenir at each stop. If you cannot make it on October 21 or 22, why not do it on your own? The lighthouse challenge initially started to urge the public to help financially support the lighthouses to maintain their beauty and history.

Take The Ultimate Road Trip
New Jersey is a pretty big state, so you obviously will not be able to fit all of the cities in a short weekend or week trip, but you can split it up into different parts of New Jersey. Starting at the northern side of the state, I would visit Clinton, Hoboken, Jersey City, Morristown and Newark. Clinton houses the Red Mill Museum Village which is one of the most photographed locations in New Jersey. Hoboken not only has gorgeous views, but it also has a lot to do! The famous Carlo’s Bakery is there, which tourists love, especially if they have seen the show. Jersey City is a larger city with a short ride away from New York City! While you are there, make sure to check out the Statue of Liberty National Monument. Morristown is a great place to visit. The Seeing Eye Institute is there, which I think is really interesting; you get to learn about seeing eye dogs and watch them train all around the town. It is pretty neat! Newark really does have it all. There is a park called Branch Brook Park there. In the park, there is a specific area called Cherryblossomland. Every year, the cherry blossom festival is held here because there are more than 4,300 trees there.

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Go To A Diner And Ask For Disco Fries
Disco fries are cheese fries with added melted gravy on top. If you travel to NJ, if you are having a staycation in NJ or if you just need a snack and something to fill your time with, you need to go get some disco fries – you seriously cannot go wrong!
Do you have a bucket list checklist for your state, or other states around you? I would love to hear about it!! Don’t forget, if you need a place to stay in New Jersey, check out Daniels Realty! They will help you find the perfect vacation rental.