Orange Romper and a Linkup


Romper:  Victoria Beckham for Target // Shoes:  Target // Hat:  Ralph Lauren (gifted from Style is Her)

Stepping out of my comfort zone is hard.  I was always the shy kid growing up, mainly
because that’s just how I am, and partially because of how much I was made fun
of.  The boyfriend has helped me step out
of my shell a little bit and has taught me that living a life and caring what
people think about you is not living.  You need to say to yourself “who cares what people
think.”  Which is why when it comes to
fashion, I’ve been stepping away from what I’m used to and have been giving
other things a chance.  I bought a romper
a few years ago and loved it but got made fun of for it by my friends so I
tucked it away in my closet and only wore it when I felt most comfortable,
which was when I would go out with my mom since she’s my fashion idol, and she
too dresses out of the box.
With that being said, I’ve been exploring different options
lately.  I have since bought a jump suit
and two rompers.  The best part is they
actually fit me and I feel comfortable in them. 
One problem is just when I have to use the bathroom and I have to take
the entire romper off haha.  Other than
that it’s great.
What I love about this particular romper is the color is not
something I would normally pick.  I’m
usually a bright pink kinda gal in the spring/summer months so when I snatched
this orange romper it was very out of the box for me.  The scallop detail around the halter portion
of the romper(which sorry that I didn’t get a better picture of it, I promise
to next time) is something I’ve been loving a lot lately on clothing.  I decided to get a pair of block heel sandals
since that’s all the rage right now (and well, actually  has been), but since the boyfriend and I are
the same height I don’t really like to wear heels too much, but I love that
these only add 2 inches, but they still make my legs look so much better.  Y’all know exactly what I’m talking about,
for whatever reason heels make my legs look way better than flats.  They look longer and slimmer, I mean not like
I need them to look longer, but I feel like they just look all around
better.  I’m hoping to continue stepping
out of my comfort zone with my fashion because I feel as though my fashion on
this blog got a little boring when I gained all that weight and I didn’t even feel
comfortable taking pictures or dressing myself for that matter. 
Now, let’s linkup!
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Jersey Girl, Texan Heart Link Up

16 thoughts on “Orange Romper and a Linkup”

  1. Monica, this is one of my favorite outfits of yours! The color is supremely amazing on you! And the little bit of height from your shoes definitely adds to that "legs for days" look. I tried on some of the VB rompers in my local Target and they didn't work for me, but you on the other hand, are rocking this piece! Linking up my latest VB for Target dress.


  2. This romper looks fabulous on you. I bought one romper, wore it a couple of times, then I donated it because of the bathroom issue. I just didn't like taking the top half of my clothes off to use the bathroom. If it was cold in the room, that was quite uncomfortable.

  3. You look beautiful in orange! I never wore orange till I started blogging. Now I have several things in orange or with orange in it, including the post I have linked. I always thought it was an autumn colour. Blogging is a good way to think outside the box and try new things.

    Thanks for hosting!

  4. Oh wow, I love your romper! And the color orange is my favorite color and you wear it well! I have seen a lot of orange this season and I am so glad! Great link up! Peace!

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