Out of Office and a Linkup


I’m laughing at the half wedgie I have goin’ on here hahaha!

Denim Jacket:  Old // Shorts:  Ralph Lauren // Sandals:  Marshalls (old) // Crop Top:  Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply (old) // Hat:  DIY (tutorial here )
I’m halfway to being out of the office and a 3 day
weekend!  Even though come Tuesday, I’ll
be hating it because it’ll be super busy at work, BUT at least I get an extra
day to soak up the relaxation time.  So
in one of today’s pictures I see a little bit of toning happening in my
abs!  I seriously need to lay off of the
cheat days and get serious about this whole ab ordeal because, I reached my
goal of getting my booty back from all of my squats and booty workouts, now I
have to get down to business with getting toned abs.  I don’t want a six pack or anything, but
having a nice toned tummy is something I haven’t had since high school haha.  However, at least I can fit into these shorts
and be comfortable enough to put on a crop top again.  I wore the jacket over it because usually
where I go for MDW is upstate NY so the temperature is a little colder than
here in NJ.  I’ll most likely be living
in this denim jacket on those colder summer nights because I finally fit back
into it and denim jackets are everywhere, again.
Last year the straw hats with sayings on the rim were
huge!  I saw so many cute ones but I
couldn’t justify spending over $100 for a hat I may not wear too often,
especially since it was a straw hat so that’s usually meant more for
summer.  I decided to make my own and I
also made it into a blog post, so if you’d like to make your own here is the
tutorial for that.  It’s probably the
easiest DIY I’ve done.  I’ve seen so many
people come up with the most clever sayings for their own personalized
hat.  You can do so much with it, even
add pom poms if that’s your thing!
Now, let’s link up!

Jersey Girl, Texan Heart Link Up
Jersey Girl, Texan Heart Link Up

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