Pink Bodycon Althleisure


Dress:  MakeMeChic // Sneakers:  Converse
This is the last outfit post with my collab with
MakeMeChic.  Also, just as an fyi I was
given this dress for free in exchange for my review of the product, however all
opinions are my own!
This look I was a little nervous about.  I kept looking at the dress and thinking I
like it but I don’t know if I would be able to wear it.  So the top portion is supposed to be wide
open like that so you could wear a bralette or in my case a sports bra underneath
and have it showing.  I personally am not
comfortable wearing bralettes because well I need support.  My girls may not be big but they look super
weird in a bralette.  So I opted for this
fun sports bra.  I thought this would be
the perfect look for when you go to Yoga or something (just add pants of course
lol) and you want to go grab lunch afterwards you just take the pants off and
voila you have an adorable dress on!  The
dress is a bodycon dress, so I was a little uncomfortable in the belly area (I’m
still working on my abs), but I think I may always be uncomfortable with my
belly no matter what size it is.  So just
be aware that it is bodycon for those of you who aren’t fully comfortable in a
bodycon dress.
I love that it has a hood too.  I mean I never wear hoods, but for some
reason I just really like when they are on the garment.  I must say this outfit was definitely out of
my comfort zone but I gave it a shot.  I
think I will wear it again once I tone up my belly a little more!