Pink Jacquard


When I first purchased this dress from VBxTarget I wasn’t
sure how I’d feel about it.  It was so
grown up looking and I wasn’t sure about the jacquard factor in it.  Since I ordered a lot of VBxTarget stuff
online too that I didn’t even get a chance to try on in store I wasn’t sure how
it would all fit and I was basically crossing my fingers.  Even though I probably could’ve gone for a
smaller size in this dress, I feel like it actually looks better not being so
tight, and it’s a little longer so I can wear it to the office.  The neckline is what I love about it
I also have a funny story about these photos.
Do you see how I’m under a tree and looking like nothing is
wrong?  I wish the boyfriend captured the
candid moments of me freaking out because while I was under said tree all I
could hear was buzzing.  Yup, you read
that right, I was basically under an entire tree of bees.  If you have read up on my feelings about bees
with my recent bee shirt and bee bomber jacket purchases you would know that I’m
terrified of them.  I tried so hard not
to move in these pictures and look like nothing was wrong when secretly in my
head was the little girl on the playground in kindergarten who got stung for
the first time crying that she wanted her mommy and not knowing that she would
get stung a few more times in life.  I
can also be over exaggerating (not on purpose) and it could have also been just
a few bees that were a little too close for comfort instead of an entire tree
of them. 
Oh, and before I forget, HAPPY FRIDAY EVE!