Shape Up Saturday Series: Personal Development After Weight Loss


The one thing no one tells you
about weight loss or your journey to a healthier you is that you not only
change physically, but you change mentally too.  All of the sudden you
have a boost of confidence, you feel more energetic, and you’re willing to take
challenges or steps in directions you never thought were possible for
you.  Whether it be something as small as trying on an outfit you would
never even look at, or something like finishing a marathon or anything else
that’s something you would never think you’d do.  Along with these
positive changes also comes some negativity.  There will be people who won’t support your
continued healthy lifestyle, and people who will make comments that even though
are meant to be good, kind of put you down in a sense.  If you don’t have any of these issues then, I
envy you.  I’m going to talk about my
situation, and why I needed to sit down, take a breather, and work on myself

New Person
Everyone says that when I lost all
of the weight it was like a new person emerged. 
Which is true because I was happier, healthier, and just all around
feeling good and confident.  It was hard
for me to adjust because before I would be hiding behind my clothing and making
sure all of my clothes were big and baggy, and now I felt comfortable in big
and baggy clothes, but I wanted to try the tighter fitting clothing.  Walking into the fitting room and putting on
a size 4 in Banana Republic (which was insane) was such an intense moment.  I wanted to cry when they actually fit.  I felt amazing, but then a little voice in my
head from pre weight loss started saying “oh look at that little muffin top”
(even though it wasn’t bad at all).  In
order to get over that voice, I bought that pair of size 4 pants, along with 3
The Scale
In total I’ve lost a lot of weight
and inches and gained some weight back in muscle mass.  Let me tell you, it was extremely hard to
watch the number on that scale go back up after I worked so hard to keep it off
but once I measured myself and saw that I lost more inches, I came to terms
with the scale just being one of many ways to measure your body, not the main
I’ve vented about this topic A LOT
on the blog.  I’m sure you’re all sick of
hearing it but I still get comments that are totally unnecessary and I’ve kept
the weight off since August.  The “oh you
look amazing” comments started in I want to say September/October because I
guess that’s when everyone really noticed since I bought a whole new
wardrobe.  Ever since then I’ve gotten
some extremely nice and extremely backhanded comments.  I think the one that gets to me the most is
someone actually saying that I’m beautiful now. 
I repeat this one over and over again because that particular comment
really stabbed me in the heart when I heard it. 
I didn’t think I was any less beautiful because I was still a loving
person who put everyone else before herself. 
I honestly have learned to just ignore the comments and just say thank
you at this point.  I’ve recently had
someone say to me that they want to feed me a burger because I got “too skinny.”  Um, I do still eat burgers on my cheat days,
and can have 21 day fix approved burgers, so to you, I say back off.
Lack of Support/Understanding
There have been plenty of times
where people have not been as supportive as they were in the beginning or as
understanding.  Weight loss and being
healthy is not a quick fix that you do in 6 months and then go back to exactly
what you were doing before.  It’s a
lifestyle.  It’s been a year since I
started eating healthy and exercising and I’m still doing it.  It’s totally doable and has gotten easier
over time.  That’s why when people try to
state their opinion I just listen to it and take it with a grain of salt.  I also cannot stand when people tell me to
try something they are doing.  Obviously
what I’m doing worked for me and is continuing to work so why would I change
literally everything I know?  The worst
part is these people aren’t “fit” people. 
Their bodies haven’t changed whatsoever. 
I’m not saying you have to have 6 pack abs to give me advice, not at
all.  However if you’ve been plateaued
for over 3 months, then I’m sorry I will not take advice from you, because
obviously what you’re doing is not working. 
Or when people try to tell me how to work out, but when they actually
work out with me they can’t finish what I’m doing.  Please understand that advice is definitely
welcome, but if you’re not showing results I won’t want to hear it because I’m
showing results.  Minus the fact that I’ve
had a few too many cheat days in the last 2 months haha.  I guess I went a little overboard.  However, I know how to get back on track.  No one will ever understand your journey.  Everyone’s journey is different.  Some people don’t go through any of what I mentioned above, and others do.  Some people don’t plateau, and other’s do.  You keep doing what you need to do in order to make yourself happy.  Be selfish for once.
What I suggest doing, and this is
actually something that I was taught from being a Beach Body coach, was try
reading or listening to audio books for personal development.  You should be doing this regardless because
you’re a boss babe, but the first book I bought was actually #GirlBoss and I’m
going to be honest I still have yet to finish it.  I’m a really bad reader, and comprehension is
not my strong point so I have to read the same thing multiple times.  Then when it comes to audio, I tend to lose
interest easily and zone out, SO personal development is something that I
definitely need to work on.  It helps
fuel your mind with positive thoughts and a sense of “you got this girl.”  That’s why I really need to start doing this
more and I know it’ll help me on my off days where I feel not so good in that
tight dress, and help me not pay attention to backhanded comments. 

When you shed the pounds and gain
muscle, you are shedding emotions and gaining confidence.  You are shedding all of what was holding you
back and gaining everything that you deserved all along but didn’t think you
could achieve.  A health and fitness
journey is not just physical.  It’s
mental.  You have no idea how many
emotional ups and downs I had throughout the past almost year.  When I plateaued twice it was the most discouraging
thing.  I had to dig deep inside of
myself and remind myself why I started and that I’d get over it.  I switched up my meal preps a little bit
(less carbs, more veggies, less dairy) and boom, another 5lbs down.  Having that kind of mental strength was
something that I had to push myself to have. 
I almost gave up and said screw it I’m going to go eat whatever the heck
I want, but I didn’t.  I told myself I
couldn’t give up, that I didn’t gain 30-40lbs overnight and I’m not losing it
overnight either!

**Please note, I am not a nutritionist or personal trainer.  Please consult with a professional prior to doing any of the workouts on this blog.  These are the workouts that I do and work for me, however if you are concerned with your form or if you are able to do these please contact your doctor.  Please also check with your doctor or nutritionist if the food/recipes that I’m posting are ok for your diet.

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  1. This post really hit home with me…. I've fluctuated my weight several times in my life, but when I first went through my major weight loss (60lbs), I got so many compliments that implied that I looked great now, but looked terrible before. It can really mess with your head. I would start to feel like if I just kept losing then I would get even better (which can be such a dangerous thing to think). I also feel you about the advice. I personally seem to get advice from people who have always been thin and never had to work at it… I smile on the outside, but on the inside I know they can't possible know what I've been going through! Great post… and you look great now and before!!

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