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Romper:  Smith and Angie // Shoes:  Smith and Angie // Bangle:  Smith and Angie // Bag:  Kate Spade
The one great thing about blogging is being introduced to
new brands that I either haven’t stumbled upon yet, or have seen the name but
haven’t tried it yet.  I usually follow
bloggers instead of fashion magazines because they give us reviews of products,
and I only follow the ones that give honest reviews because that’s what we all
want, right?  I was introduced to Smithand Angie a few weeks ago and was super excited to collaborate because their
website had the absolute cutest clothing, accessories, and shoes.  I was told to pick three items to
review.  I stepped out of my comfort zone
and got this romper because I mean, it’s super trendy and it’s something I
wouldn’t normally wear.  The sandals and
bangle are also from Smith and Angie.
A little bit about Smith and Angie and why you need to check out their store.  They launched in January (and then in April opened a showroom) with one goal in mind and that is offering “Feel Beautiful Clothing” for any woman no matter what her age, size, etc.  They want all women to have confidence in their clothing.  A fun little tidbit of information from their press release is Ashley Mazurek who developed this entire brand was inspired by her own grandmother.  Her grandmother is from a time where women always dressed to impress and she still continues to wear heels, lipstick, and figure flattering clothing.  That is why there are so many feminine and chic pieces in Smith and Angie boutique.
I must say I was extremely impressed with the items.  The romper is great, the only issue is
zipping it up is a little tough for me because I need to lose a little more in
my tummy and arms (I’ve eaten one too many pizza slices recently) and it’ll be
perfect because right now it’s slightly snug. 
I’m wearing a size 6 just for reference. 
I personally think if you’re taller you should size up, because I think
that’s why it was a little tighter on me. 
That or I just have a really awkward body haha!  However, that embroidery detail is
amazing.  It’s such a unique piece and
definitely a must have romper this spring/summer. 
The shoes I’ve been wearing since I got them and I have to
say they are super comfortable.  I have
been going for lower heels lately because they are more comfortable, at least
for me.  They’re perfect for multiple occasions
and I’m not that much taller than the boyfriend (we are the same height, and I’m
self conscious about the height thing) so they are perfect!
The bangle is so much prettier in person.  It’s delicate which is not what I normally go
for but the texture of the stone and the color just pops and makes it such a
fun piece.  I love that it’s delicate,
but at the same time makes a statement too. 
I’m not into the delicate and dainty jewelry because I love huge, bold,
statement pieces, but why would you want to take away from this gorgeous
romper, there’s just too much detail in it to take away from it.  They also sent me a complimentary pair of
earrings to match the bangle which is awesome because they’re so pretty.
Thank you Smith and Angie for all of these beautiful items,
I can’t wait to wear these pieces more!

**Please note, I received these items in exchange for a review, however all opinions are my own.


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  1. The flower details on this romper are so pretty! What a neat story about the brand. I love thinking about my grandmother's era and how important it was to look dressy. I think we miss some of that today.

    More to Mrs. E

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