#StepForward with Famous Footwear and a Linkup


Top:  Ewa Bazaar // Culottes:  Victoria Beckham for Target // Sandals:  Famous Footwear // Clutch:  Juicy Couture (old)
If you follow Famous Footwear on Instagram you may or may
not have seen their recent hashtag #StepForward you may be wondering what this
hashtag is for.  They want to have women
everywhere have confidence with taking steps. 
Now whether this is a step towards getting a degree or a step towards
getting out of the door on time in the morning. 
They believe that each #stepforward is worth celebrating.  With that being said Famous Footwear was nice
enough to send me a pair of sandals (shown above) and have me celebrate these
steps forward by telling one of my stories.
As most of you know it’s been almost a year since I started
my healthy lifestyle.  This alone was a
step in the right direction because my health had deteriorated; I really had no
choice but to take care of my body.  My
mom has also lost a lot of weight and thanks to me she recently decided she was
ready to join the gym with me.  We have
been consistently going and I’m so proud that she’s taken a step in the right
direction of taking care of her health. 
Thanks to losing so much weight and having to go through some personal development
I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone.
If you’ve been reading my posts recently, you may have seen
me repeating myself on how I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone with my
fashion.  Now that I’ve lost so much and
worked on myself mentally I’m able to wear things I haven’t worn in a while,
nor have I felt comfortable wearing.  You
see, health and fitness journey’s aren’t just a physically thing, they take a
toll on you mentally.  If you would’ve
told me a year ago that I would love rompers and would be totally up for changing
up my style and wearing trendier pieces I would’ve told you, nope I’ll stick to
my leggings and oversized tops to cover my weight gain.  If you look at my fashion from a year ago, or
even my face in certain pictures you can see a difference.  These culottes are another example.  A year ago I would have never even looked at
these.  I would have cried at the thought
of even seeing myself in the mirror in these.
That’s why my #stepforward may not be a degree or something
really important (even though I did receive my MBA back in 2012 and that was a
huge deal), but this is what was important to me.  Getting my life back and feeling better every
day was a huge step for me.  Since then I’ve
taken on challenges in my life that I would not have a year ago.  I also take more risks in fashion now and
have worn plenty of rompers and now have these culottes.  So, what’s your story?  What’s your #stepforward moment?
**Please note I was given these sandals for free in exchange for this review, however all opinions are my own.
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  1. That is so good that you are being healthier! I love that you are also getting out your comfort zone with fashion. I love the look you featured today.

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