4th of July Series-Red Dress


Dress:  Cavender’s // Bag:  Kate Spade (gifted from Ewa Bazaar) // Shoes:  Marshalls (old)
A lot of people have told me that red is definitely my
color.  Last year when I moved into my
current apartment I was OBSESSED with the color red.  I don’t know where it came from but I started
incorporating it into the apartment and slowly tried a few red pieces of
clothing here and there.  A lot of you
who follow my blog went nuts (in a good way I promise lol) when I wore a few
red dresses.  So I figured, red was my
I bought this dress last year and loved the cold shoulder
with the criss cross detail.  The only
thing that I didn’t love was that it’s slightly see through.  You can still get away with wearing it as a
dress, but I definitely feel more comfortable with a slip underneath.  What I love about this look is you can easily
take the heels off and put on some gladiators, or even Birkenstocks and just
wear the dress as a cover up and use the bag as a beach tote.  I personally wouldn’t do that to this Kate
Spade bag because I hate it when sand gets EVERYWHERE so I usually choose the
oldest bag I have, usually a canvas bag or even a grocery bag.  Whenever I go to the beach, sand ends up
everywhere no matter how hard I try.  I
don’t mind it being on me, but when it gets in my mouth or I keep finding it in
the crevices of my bags for weeks I just can’t even.  Yes, I said it.  I can’t even.


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  1. Oh yes girl… red is your color! I recently became obsessed with the color myself. I totally get you when it comes to beach bags, I. And sand finding sand everywhere weeks later.


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