A refreshing summer day with Squeaky Pops


It’s summer time which means lots of nice cold beverages and
snacks should be coming your way!  When I
was told about the story behind Squeaky Pops I had to say yes to reviewing
them.  Squeaky Pops was created by two
parents in Washington, DC named Carly and Taylor.  They are targeted for kids, but adults (like
myself and the boyfriend) also enjoy these all-natural real fruit bars.  Carly and Taylor couldn’t find a fruit bar
that was tastey and also better for you that they created their own.  Now, the reason why they’re named SqueakyPops is actually super cute.  Their son
was a few months old and he would hiccup all the time which started the
nickname Squeaky. 
These pops can be found at Whole Foods, Harris Teeter, Giant
and Fresh Direct.  You can also google it
because I saw a lot of places pop up online as well.  They are $5.49 per box and will be Non-GMO
and Organic Certified by 2018.  I
received the Very Berry, Peachy Orange, Chocolate and Peachy Orange, and
Chocolate and Strawberrry flavors.  Below
is my review of each Squeaky Pop and just as an fyi they are also boyfriend approved
and he hates anything that’s good for you!
All of the Squeaky Pops:
  • Non GMO ingredients
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Real Fruit

Very Berry
50 Calories
This was the first one that I tried because I always go for
anything berry and loved it.  However, I
will have to say that the Peachy Orange is my favorite.  The boyfriend also approved the Very Berry,
but he seemed to like this one more than Peachy Orange.
Peachy Orange
60 Calories
This particular one was my absolute favorite.  It’s perfect for summer because it’s nice and
cold and it’s orange mixed with a little peach. 
I’m not big on orange flavored popsicles and that’s why I love that they
added the peach to this flavor.  It’s
absolutely genius!
Chocolate and Peachy Orange
90 Calories
As if the Peachy orange flavor wasn’t already my favorite
they added chocolate to it!  Now the best
part is the boyfriend doesn’t like the ones with the chocolate on them so I get
to eat them ALL TO MYSELF! 
Chocolate and Strawberry
80 Calories
To be completely honest I loved it.  The chocolate wasn’t too much and it didn’t
take away from the actual pop.  I like
that it’s natural and only has 80 calories.
All in all I think they did an awesome job on these.  If they are boyfriend approved they have to
be child approved because he hates anything that is good for you.  He might actually be worse than a child.  That’s how I knew they were good and it wasn’t
just me because I tend to eat healthier anyway. 
I’m actually happy because there is a Whole Foods by my work so I can
pick these up and keep them in the office!
**Please note, I was given these popsicles to review, however all opinions are my own.