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We all know about having antivirus programs on our computers
right?  Did you ever stop to think that
you need one for your phone or tablet?  I
mean, how many people reading this use their cell phone and tablet more than
their actual computer?  I’m sure some
people reading this don’t even have a computer, they just have a tablet with a
keyboard and that’s their computer.  I
use both equally, but that’s only because I’m a blogger and I need both.
I’m sure you’ve heard of AVG Antivirus right?  Well, they offer free antivirus app for your
phone and tablet now!  They are able to
support both Android and Mac products. 
There are some awesome features that I want to get into.  What we will go over in today’s post to
protect your mobile devices is the antivirus itself, anti-theft, app lock,
camera trap, device lock, and app backup. 
Since I have Android I’ll be talking about it from an Android user, but
it’s basically the same thing for Mac products.
Android Antivirus
AVG was the first antivirus app on Google Play to break 100
million downloads and is being used to secure phones and tablets across the
globe.  Basically once you install this
app it will run and make sure you don’t have any viruses, malware, spyware,
unsafe apps and settings, unwanted callers (seriously thank goodness!), and
other threats to your device.
Anti-Theft Phone Tracker
This works with Google Maps. 
Basically you just visit their Anti-Theft website from another device
and you use that to locate your phone/tablet. 
What’s awesome is you can lock your phone once it’s located and set off
an alarm so whoever has your phone will have quite the annoying time with it.  Another great thing is, if you believe that
your phone has been stolen and you know you won’t get it back you can wipe it
from the site so that no private information is available to the person who
took your phone.
App Lock (with AVG Antivirus PRO-Free for 30 days)
Do you ever forget to lock your phone and you know that you
have all your access to apps on your phone? 
Sure it’s cute when your significant other logs into your Facebook and
posts a status saying something like “I hacked babe’s phone, love you” or when
your friends grab a hold of it and write something inappropriate and everyone
has a good laugh.  What if you don’t want
anyone you don’t know getting into your app accounts?  You can lock down on your privacy with a PIN
code with the App Lock feature.
Camera Trap (with AVG Antivirus PRO-Free for 30 days)
Do you have someone who constantly tries to get into your
phone?  Whether it be a joke, or someone
seriously trying to snoop around on your phone this is another awesome feature
that AVG offers.  Basically, what this
feature does is, it takes a secret photo of the person who has failed to unlock
your device after 3 tries.  This photo is
then sent to your email with the time and location stamp.
Device Lock (with AVG Antivirus PRO-Free for 30 days)
When someone usually steals a phone, they will remove the
SIM card.  However, with the Device Lock
feature with AVG Antivirus PRO it will protect your phone should anyone replace
the SIM card.  Your phone will end up
locking itself and preventing the person from making calls or accessing private
App Backup (with AVG Antivirus PRO-Free for 30 days)
Along with security while using your phone or tablet, the
AVG Antivirus App also includes the App backup feature which will help you back
up apps to your SD card so you always have access to apps on your phone.
With all of that being said check out AVG.com to read more
about their antivirus programs and of course their app.
**Please note this post is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own.
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