First day of summer with SammyDress


Bathing Suit:  Sammy Dress // Sunnies:  Sammydress // Shorts:  Denim and Supply Ralph Lauren (old) // Shoes:  Birkenstock // Elephant Thin Throw:  Sammydress
Happy first day of summer y’all!  I’m so happy it’s officially summer and I’m
celebrating today by being in my beach gear! 
I’ve been really into this whole one piece bathing suit trend that’s
been going on.  No matter how hard I’ve
worked on this body of mine, I’m still not 100% comfortable being in a two
piece.  I still feel like I’m not good
enough in that two piece, plus, have you seen some of these one pieces?!  They have gotten so trendy, I absolutely love
it.  This particular bathing suit I
received as a review from SammyDress and I must say I love it!  My only complaint is I wish I would’ve sized up
because it’s just slightly too small because of my height, I’m super tall and my torso is
longer than the average person.  I’m 5’9
for reference.  I do love the velour
texture, and the off the shoulder.  I
mean seriously, how cute?!  I got the elephant
beach throw to match, which isn’t as thick as a regular throw.  It’s more of a scarf-like material.  It’s really thin so it would definitely be
used as just something to sit or lay on, you would need to bring a towel with
you if you are going to be jumping in the water.  Now y’all know I have this crazy obsession
with sunglasses so I had to get a new pair! 
These were perfect and they are currently only $6.21!  I love that all of these colors go together.  Also, for those of you who don’t know I love elephants.  They are my favorite animal besides dogs and I have a huge collection of elephant figurines that my grandma started for me when I was little.  She started it for me because I went to school and they had asked what our hobbies were.  I didn’t really have one besides playing with my dolls and my brother, so my grandma created one for me and started collecting elephants for me.  It became a thing and when I was a little older my grandma explained that the trunk always has to be up for the figurine to bring good luck.  Which is why I got this beach throw; because the trunk was up.

Ok, so since this is a blogger review and I have to be honest with my cyber friends.  As much as I loveeeeeeee the pieces I did
receive, there’s one I didn’t.  It’s not that I didn’t like it, I didn’t even receive it, however I did just get an email over the weekend saying that an order has shipped out so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s this adorable pair of jeans.  They were actually what I wanted the most out of the items I chose for my review.  They were almost like a boyfriend cut (most likely will fit me like normal pants because I’m bottom heavy) with this lace cut out going up the side of the pants.

All in all, I love the pieces that I did receive, but I am pretty bummed out that I didn’t receive the pants yet.

**Please note that I received some of the items in this post as a review, however all opinions are my own.


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  1. You look adorable! I would not have guessed that you were wearing a bathing suit either! I love the ruffles and those shades are a fun completer! This post definitely makes me want to try hunting a new one piece! I'm with you on feeling comfy in a two piece. I don't want to worry about anything but enjoying the sunny rays when I'm out! Thank you for linking up with the Thursday Moda!

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