Pink Ladies


Dress:  Target // Shoes:  Old (Guess, Marshalls)
Can you tell that I like pink?  I’ve been trying my hardest to incorporate
different things and styles into my wardrobe and I also feel like sometimes I
need to have a good mix of both grown up styles and regular immature
styles.  This is a dress that I’ll be
wearing on repeat to the office.  It’s
the perfect cut and length.  Because of
the color, it’s perfect to wear during these summer months and it’s so easy to
put a cardigan or blazer over it so that my shoulders are covered.  That’s part of the dress code, is to have
your shoulders covered.  Which is totally
fine with me because they always have the AC on full blast at work, so I have
to actually wear warm clothing.
I think this is my last piece from the VBxTarget
collection.  I can’t help how much I
seriously loved this entire collection. 
I have so many pieces to wear now which is great because I was starting
to run out of clothes, even though the boyfriend would disagree.  A girl can never have too much, am I right?
Ok y’all, sorry for the short post today, but I’m honestly
having writer’s block for today’s post. 
Weird, I know, I always ramble on and on in my posts.  I’m sparing you today!