Tapestry Skirt and Five for Friday


Skirt:  Loft // Top:  Ewa Bazaar // Shoes:  Famous Footwear
Ahh, it’s finally Friday. 
Y’all honestly don’t know how happy I am that it’s Friday.  This week has been such a hectic week, so for
the first time in a while I’m doing a legit 5 for Friday post where I talk
about my week because it’s been crazy.
1.  Stomach Virus
I have no idea what happened, but somehow Monday morning I
woke up with the worst stomach issues.  I
tried to make it into work because I thought I would be able to make it through
the day, but nope.  I made it until 10:30
and then went home.  I’m finally feeling
better.  I’m feeling 100% today, Wednesday
 I was at 95% because I was able to have
coffee and work out.  That’s a sign of me
doing better!

2.  The Handmaid’s Tale
Since I was sick and last weekend the boyfriend went to
upstate I had some time to myself so I decided to start watching The Handmaid’s
Tale.  I want to read the book because I
want to know what happens to Offred.  I
binge watched Friday and Saturday and then Monday I finished the series after I
tried to sleep off the stomach virus.  As
messed up as this show/book is, for whatever reason I like it.  It’s so dark, but as I was watching it, I
thought to myself that this can actually happen in real life which is the crazy
part.  There are people out there who
would see no problem in what was happening. 
I’m not going to give it away or spoil anything for anyone but if you’re
ok with extremely dark and strong content I would highly recommend this for
3.  BBG Week 2
So I couldn’t start official week 2 of BBG until Wednesday
so I skipped 2 days of LISS, but I did do all of my toning workouts.  Can I please just say that whenever I do leg
day with BBG it’s literally the same type of feeling as a leg day at the
gym?  I get sore everywhere else too on
the other days, but dannngggg leg day is a killer.  I walk like a penguin for the rest of the
week haha.  So far I’m liking BBG, but I
know for sure I would not have been able to do this before doing the 21 Day
Fix.  I feel like this doesn’t take as
much discipline and you have to know how to do the workouts on your own.  Plus, I feel like BBG is easier to cheat out
your workout.  I don’t do it, but if you
would’ve asked me a year ago I probably would not have succeeded with BBG.  A lot of people do though, I just know I
4.  Work
I honestly don’t think I’ve ever complained about work
before on the blog, but I must say, this week has really run me down.  I don’t know what it was but I felt like I
was in the twilight zone the entire week. 
Everything was just, off.  Nothing
was going right and I’m one of those people who goes above and beyond so when
someone doesn’t like to hear my opinion it made me almost think “well fine
then, wait until you need help on something.” 
I’m not one to talk back, but I’m one to fight for what I believe in,
and this week, the fight is over.  After
almost 5 years, this week was the eye opener. 
It showed me that I need to pick and choose my battles and that who I am
at work is wasting their breath.  The
culture of the company may have something to do with this.  I’m very thankful for this job and I have
learned a lot, but for whatever reason, this week was the week that I finally
gave up.  My team will never be good
enough because our job title isn’t that of a manager and we for whatever reason
get treated like the bottom of the food chain all the time in a more respectful
manner of course.  Basically, this was
the week that I finally said eff it. 
This is why one day I wish to have my own business and be my own boss,
my own CEO, my own founder, etc.
5.  My Outfit
Last but not least, today’s outfit.  I’ve been living in this skirt because it’s
the greatest skirt ever.  I actually saw
a fellow blogger wearing it and I just had to get my hands on it.  It’s actually on sale now!  It was $59.50 but is now $39.50.  I’m super jealous of anyone getting it for
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  1. UGH…stomach bugs are the worst. So glad you are back to 100%. That skirt is super cute. I bought the tank like it but ended up returning it because it was just hanging there with the tags still on. What's BBG? I'm not familiar with that. Have a great weekend!

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