Trying out new things and a Linkup


Top:  Banana Republic (old, similar here) // Pants:  VBxTarget // Shoes:  Smith and Angie // Bag:  Kate Spade
If you saw this post a few weeks ago it featured the orange
version of these culottes.  Actually, I’m
wearing the orange ones as I type up this blog post.  Lately I’ve been trying out new styles and
really stepping out of my comfort zone. 
The boyfriend doesn’t like half of the newest additions to my closet
because well, he doesn’t understand women’s fashion all that well haha.  Although, in his defense, I didn’t like
culottes at all until I bought this pair and my orange pair.  I didn’t think I would like them but I tried
them out and I love them.  For whatever
reason though, he does like rompers, so all of my newest rompers got his seal
of approval!
I’ve also been super into tucking things into my pants, don’t
ask me why.  So of course this off the
shoulder top is tucked in.  Y’all also
get to see my natural hair!  Look at how
long it got compared to back in the winter time.  I’m actually very happy that it’s growing
because I want to start growing out my natural hair color and hopefully just
grow out my hair completely.
Now, since I know I’ve worn this top multiple times here on
the blog I wanted to show different ways to wear it.  These are all pictures from last
year/summer.  I’ve worn this top a lot
because it’s comfortable, it’s trendy but still classic, and I can wear it to
work or after hours for a fun casual night or dressing up this top is also
doable.  It’s an extremely versatile
piece.  One of this top’s major perks is
that since the off the shoulder part is elastic I can easily just pull the top
over my shoulders and it’s turned into a short sleeve top.

I decided to upload some past pictures of how I’ve worn this off the shoulder top so that you can see the many ways I’ve worn it.  I honestly really love this top, even if it is from a few seasons ago, it’s still super cute!

I actually can’t find these white pants for whatever reason.  I have another pair thankfully but these particular ones have been lost for a while now haha.  I wore the off the shoulder top with these white pants for a very nautical look.  paired with high heeled sandals is the best way to go!

I love a super casual look with a twist.  I paired the off the shoulder top with my crochet shorts and some white converse.  This look is super comfortable and it gives off a very effortless chic vibe.

These two photos were taken in Poland last summer.  I was gifted a really old leather belt from my grandpa and couldn’t wait to wear it that I put it on right away and tucked in my shirt so that you could see it.  I didn’t even care if I looked funny but the tucked in top actually worked.  Then to the right I wore it with linen pants because I mean linen is perfect for summer time.

Also, if you missed yesterday’s post I’m running a giveaway for the anniversary of 1 year of healthy living!  I’m giving away a $50 gift card to Lululemon.  Before we move on to the linkup, don’t forget to enter below:

Jersey Girl, Texan Heart Link Up
Jersey Girl, Texan Heart Link Up

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  1. Isn't it so fun to try new items?? Before I started blogging, i was quite stuck in the same look all of the time! But it's been a great experiment to try other things lately!! I just wore my culottes on my blog on Monday—I was so surprised at how much I've loved and worn them!!

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