4th of July Series-Happy Birthday America!

^Look at that friggin quad!

Tank:  DIY (that post is here) // Shorts:  From a Thrift shop in Boston // Shoes:  Famous Footwear
Sorry about the quad reference in my first picture, but dang
I’m so proud of it!  I’ve been working
pretty gosh darn hard to get my muscles more toned and I’m finally starting to
see some kind of results.  I’m sure I
would see faster results if I didn’t have so many cheat meals, but I can’t help
it.  Every once in a while I like to have
something that I know is bad for me and I shouldn’t be eating.  Sometimes typical NY/NJ style pizza with the
grease and all just tastes better than a clean eating pizza.  I feel like complete and total garbage
afterwards, but for that brief moment of yummmmm it’s totally worth it.  Oh, and I recently discovered that Weis makes
the best brownies of all time so I have DEFINITELY had one too many of
those.  My goal was to have abs by
vacation time, which won’t happen because I leave in 10 days (OMG 10 DAYS!!!),
however I have been seeing more definition which I’m very happy with.
Anyway, back to the actual point of this post.  Happy Birthday America!  As much as I love having a Polish heritage, I’m
so proud to be an American.  This country
brought so much opportunity to my family. 
My parents came here with very little and made something of themselves.  My parents were born and raised in Poland,
but still identify themselves as American citizens and love this country just
as much as their home country.  Even
though on the 4th of July they don’t feel the same as they would on
Poland’s version of Independence Day they are still grateful to be here.
I’m proud to be an American and always will be.  Now, let’s party like it’s 1776!


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