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I’ve been using quite a few
new beauty products (not including makeup, that’s a separate post in itself!)
lately.  I’ve done quite a few product reviews, and some products I found on my own and cannot stop using!  I’ve found products that actually work too!  Keep in mind, even though some of these items are product reviews that I was given for free, if I say they work for me, then they do in fact work for me.  Now before we begin I just want
to warn you that this is a long post!

CG Cosmetics Bag
This cosmetics bag is A LOT
bigger in person than it is in the picture. 
I’m going to be honest, the picture does it no justice.  I also love that it’s more of a heavy duty
fabric.  The boyfriend and I leave for
Poland next Saturday so I’ll definitely be bringing this with me for all of my
toiletries because this will fit all of that. 
My makeup will probably go separately just because I’m brining a lot and
I usually like to keep everything separated. 
The great thing about this bag is the material is great, the print is
awesome, it fits a lot, AND you can customize it.  I’ll be talking more about Customized Girl
next week because I also got a tank that was customized as well so stay tuned
to next week’s post.  This is just a

Exfoliating Mud Mask
You may have seen this on my
Instagram already but I have to talk about it here too!  I love this mask.  I’m not a huge mask person because to be
completely honest, as much as I love pampering myself I just don’t have
time.  I’m always either on the go, or
just barely making it in time everywhere. 
My time management is on point because I will plan ahead of time and
make sure I have just enough time.  Well,
this mud mask is great because it doesn’t have to stay on for a long time for
it to work!  It’s exfoliating which is
great for the skin because it gets rid of all of the dead skin cells on your
face.  You remove it once it starts to
dry and shows small cracks.  This process
happens almost instantly.  I let it dry
completely and within less than 5 minutes the mask is ready to be taken
off.  Yes, it is THAT simple!  What I love is that it helped with my stubborn
black heads on my nose.  I highly
recommend this!

Grow Pretty Lashes

You may have seen me post
about Grow Pretty Lashes on Instagram and Instastories a few times already.  Now, this product actually works.  Above is the before and after of just one
month.  It was June 4th and
July 4th.  Exactly a month
apart.  Now just as an fyi, my hair does
not grow.  Even though I definitely need
a trim, I purposely didn’t trim it so that you can see the difference in
length.  I have also gotten numerous
compliments on my lashes and how much fuller and longer they are.  Someone even asked me if I had falsies on the
other day!  Now, if you saw my one
instagram post almost a year ago, I was taking Sugarbear Hair hair
vitamins.  I’m going to have to compare
these two vitamins.  Sugarbear Hair does
not work.  I really didn’t see any
difference in my hair.  I know some
people say it works and swear by it (maybe for some of these people it’s just a
placebo because they see Kylie or their favorite vloggers using it) but I tried
3 bottles, and nothing.  The gummies were
too sweet for me.  Maybe it does work but
the results are slower?  Maybe I didn’t
give Sugarbear Hair enough of a chance? 
I know one person who tested it out and said it worked for her, but I
didn’t see a difference.  However, once I
started using Pretty Lashes I noticed a difference.  I’m still only taking one tablet a day.  It says that you should start out with one if
your body isn’t used to the levels of niacin. 
You may feel a flush or warm sensation if that’s the case.  That’s why I still only take one pill a day
because for whatever reason my body cannot get used to it fast enough.  However, that’s all I really need because
look at that difference!  I’m trying
really hard to grow out my hair which is why I don’t do much with it, unless I’m
taking blogging pictures, then I’ll curl it, but other than that, it gets
washed once a week, tossed up into a bun, and I take these supplements.  I’ll definitely need a trim but I just want
to get it a little bit longer before I do that! 
Ok, now I also need to give a little bit of information.  The capsules themselves are made out of
gelatin and vegans/vegetarians won’t be able to take this supplement UNLESS
they just open up the capsule and add the powder on the inside to a drink or
Romper:  Make Me Chic

Romper:  MakeMeChic

Shielding Lotion/Gloves in a
I posted a picture of these
two products on my Instagram a few days ago and said I’d be reviewing them
today on the blog.  I’ve been using them
for about two weeks now and must say my hands are so soft.  The Gloves in a Bottle is meant for face,
hands, and body, whereas the other one is meant for just your body.  I won’t use it on my face because I have
specific products that I’m already using and have had no issues with, so I’ve
been using it on my body as well, but mostly on my hands.  I love that it doesn’t leave a greasy residue
but it’s still a heavy duty lotion.  I
actually use the shielding lotion (an extremely thin layer) on my elbows and
knees when I’m applying my self tanner. 
It definitely helps with making sure the color comes on evenly and I don’t
have weird dark spots due to the dry skin I have.  I’m going to test this product out again when
it gets colder because I tend to get cracked fingers in the winter time.  My skin gets so dry it’s almost

Romper:  MakeMeChic

Not your Mother’s Dry Shampoo
Ok, so if you know me, you know that I only wash my hair once a week.  My hair is basically up in a bun Monday through Friday at work because I honestly don’t care enough to wake up even earlier than I already do and style it.  So, up it goes!  “9-5” (more like 8:30-5:30) Monica is completely different than weekend Monica haha.  Anyway, during the week sometimes I sweat a lot when I’m working out.  So, even if I go to put it up, that last day or two before my weekly wash can get a little weird looking depending on how much I worked out this week.  That’s when I whip out the dry shampoo.  I personally don’t like using dry shampoo unless I really have to.  It clogs your pores in your scalp and creates buildup so I use it scarcely.  I do like the Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo though.  The smell is amazing and it works without leaving a white residue, which can sometimes happen to me, and as a brunette, a white residue makes my hair look gray.  I know a lot of people use dry shampoo in the summer, so this is basically my favorite one I’ve found so far, besides Dove.  Dove and Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo are my favorite!
Fake Bake Flawless
I know I already talked about
this product last week, but I’ve been raving about it.  All weekend I was telling everyone about it
because everyone kept commenting on my tan. 
I upkeep the tan with Jergen’s Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer, but
Fake Bake gives me that brown color right away. 
Basically what I do is use Fake Bake, then during the week use the
Jergen’s and if it starts to fade I’ll use Fake Bake again, but usually I’ll
just use it on the weekends.  The great
part is it doesn’t transfer onto your clothing if you wait long enough, but if
it does transfer (which happened to me this past weekend) because I didn’t let
it dry enough, it comes off so easily. 
My shirt is as good as new.  


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**Please note I was given the below products for free in exchange for this review, however all opinions are my own:

Customized Girl Cosmetics Case
Tree Hut Exfoliating Mask
Shielding Lotion/Glove in a Bottle
Grow Pretty Lashes
Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo

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  1. I have never tried any of these projects but will have to add them to my wish list. I have been wanting to try Not Your Mothers Dry Shampoo but have always used Batiste. I will have to give it a try next time! Have a great weekend!

  2. LOVE the Not Your Mother's dry shampoo! Just bought the sea salt spray to try. I've tried the Jergens glow but now I must try the Fake Bake product…does it have an odor? Thanks for sharing!

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