Guest Post: Samantha


Fashion Trends You Should Be Wearing Right Now


In case you still haven’t got your fashionable updates in check, this summer will be all about playful exaggerations, oversized accessories and flowy skirts and dresses in all shapes and sizes. Stir up your inner rebel, and start mixing and matching those loose hoodies with your fancy stilettos, because these upcoming months will be your perfect playground for authentic self-expression!
  1. Find your Snow White dress

The light, airy must-have item for any occasion, this summer piece will be your perfect Yang to your little black Yin. The little white dress can be made of innocent lace, pure cotton or linen, and it can be as flowy and lengthy as you please. The most important aspect of it is to be pure white and preferably with some playful detail, such as frills or ruffles.
  1. The classy but curious robe dress

5_1_39.1498743349 (1).jpg
A daring blend of the elegant kimono dresses from the Far East and the modern bathrobe, what might have seemed like an unlikely combination turned out to be one of the hottest trends of the season. Comfortable, stylish and authentic, it can be found among designer clothing by Vetements and similar high-end collections, and you can wear it with your comfy leather Greek-inspired sandals, or your open-toed stilettos all summer-long.
  1. Stripy summer outfits

One of the favorite patterns for the warm season will be the festive stripes, in delicate blue or white hues, to remind you of those beach umbrellas and navy uniforms. They will look incredible even if you mix and match the verticals with the horizontals, on high-waisted shorts, loose shirts, and dresses alike.
  1. Leisure street style

This time worn out of the gym and jog, the casual street combos are your number one choice for a coffee date with your besties, or even a club opening, if you want to rock your style like supermodels – combined with the fanciest high heels in your wardrobe. Tracksuits, hoodies, gray or glam, make sure to have at least a few combos awaiting!
  1. Chunky shoulder add-ons

The shape of broadened shoulders itself will be the king of the summer style, but if you combine those famous square patterns and gray palettes of men’s blazers, you’ve got yourself a win-win outfit! Boast those shoulder pads on dresses, suits, jackets and coats, and don’t shy away from mixing modern patterns with those retro monochromes.
  1. Couch florals

While the name doesn’t sound quite that appealing, wearing those curious floral patterns inspired by your grandma’s couch combined with funky asymmetry to add modern flair will give you a few head-turns on the street. It’s an added retro twist to the already timeless boho, so wear your loose shirts and skirts with the couch look for best effect.
  1. Mid-length skirts

Of course, the mini will always have a special place in your seductive heart, while every fashionista needs at least one maxi dress for any occasion, but the mid-length skirts will rule the catwalk and the streets this summer. They should be flowy, quirky, sliced and whimsical, so wear them with pride to flaunt your figure and your impeccable taste.
  1. Delicious chocolate brown

From soft creamy shades, to gloriously loud overtones, one hue in particular will rule them all. Tasteful chocolate brown should be your go-to color for at least one of your dominant garments, whether that’s a coat, a top or a pair of snazzy pants. Fortunately for you, there is a whole range of darks and milky chocolate shades to choose from, which will give you quite a few combo options for months to come.
  1. Deconstructed shirts

If Picasso could design clothes, this would be his perfect item. For a picturesque, authentic outfit that allows a plethora of interesting options, deconstructed shirts are the first choice of many fashionable ladies out there both for a business meeting, and a casual afternoon walk in the park – the possibilities are endless. Mix them with those delicate stripes or wear them pure white, and you’ll have a mix of two must-wears you’ll love.
  1. Statement drop earrings

Frankly, these have always been, and always will be among the absolute favorite accessory trends. A pair of matched or mismatched bold drop earrings can give an edgy touch to your minimalistic combo, or embellish your perfect boho look. Either way, little can go wrong when you pick the right pair of statement earrings to elevate your look.