Henna Tattoo Kit

Henna Kit:  Earth Henna

Have you ever been down the shore, or anywhere where they do henna tattooing?  When I was younger I so badly wanted a tattoo but knew that my parent’s would never in a million years allow me to get one.  I decided to go to a place on the boardwalk that did henna tattoos because there’s literally a place around every corner.  I thought it was the coolest thing and then I started looking into henna.  I ended up using henna for my hair at one point.  Remember when I had red hair here on the blog?  That was henna.  
So needless to say when I was asked to review a henna tattooing kit I had to say yes!
Earth Henna is an at home henna tattoo kit.  It comes in different colors, however I chose to review the regular red henna.  They also have black and white.  For every sale that they make they donate that to help jagua and henna farmers with their day to day needs.  Their henna comes from the fields in Morocco.  The kit comes with what you see below and the transfer paper is so extremely easy to use along with the tracing.  I must say this is one of the coolest kits I’ve been able to review.  Let’s get into the tutorial, shall we?

First you have to pick which design you want to trace.  You may have something you want to free hand but since I’ve never done a henna tattoo on myself before I wanted to play it safe and pick a design to trace.  I chose the one pictured above.

When you’re ready to mix you take the powder and the two solutions and mix them in the bag pictured above.  Mush it around a little bit until you see NO powder.  It should also be smooth.  Once you are done you have to snip the tip of the bag and pour the henna into the bottle.  Once you are done doing that you’ll have to put the top on and let the henna sit for an hour or so.

Once you’re ready to tattoo, you take the eucalyptus oil and apply it onto the part of the skin that you want to put the design.  This helps with transferring the trace paper onto your skin as seen below.

Now you’re able to start your design.

Once you’ve finished leave the tattoo alone.  It will dry and look a little flaky, but do not pick any of this off.  Let it stay because the longer it does, the deeper the color gets.  Mine was like this for at least 10 hours but that’s because I did it a few hours before bed and look the dried henna off in the morning.

You’ll see the best results after 24-48 hours.  My tattoo actually ended up getting a deeper color after these pictures were taken.  It was extremely easy to use, and it’s great for when you have friends over and you want to do something fun, or if it’s the weekend and you want to have a little fun with your kids.  

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