Skin DNA


Ok, so before I go on my much needed vacation I wanted to
give y’all a little teaser.  I was
selected to be part of a group with some bloggers to test out this product by
HomeDNA.  It’s so awesome!  Let me talk a little bit about the product
itself, then I’ll get into where you can purchase it as well.  Also, I will have an updated post in a few
weeks about the product as well.  Keep
reading to find out why!
How many of you go shopping for skincare products and are
overwhelmed by how many there are and don’t even know where to start, or maybe
don’t even know what kind of skin you have? 
Did you know that there are so many different things that make up your
skin too?  How the heck are you supposed
to know what to buy if you don’t even know what you need for your skin?
HomeDNA Skin Care is a DNA test that examines 28 genetic
markers in seven categories associated with skin aging.  This at home kit tests for fine lines and
wrinkles, collagen quality, skin sensitivity, pigmentation, sun protection,
skin elasticity, and skin antioxidants. 
Now I went over this in my Instastories a few days ago but I figured for
those of you who don’t follow on Instagram (which you totally should!) I could
let you know about all of that here on le blog. 
Some dermatologists offer similar testing to this kid, but the costs can
exceed $300.  The HomeDNA kit retails for
$24.99 and then the lab fee of $79.  You
can find this kit either at CVS or in the Home Diagnositics section on
HomeDNA is certified by CLIA, CAP, AABB, NATA, and the
Ministry of Justice, just visit
for more information.
The at home test was extremely easy to use.  The directions are extremely clear but here
is what you do.
  1. Register your kit online. 
    The instructions will be on the pamphlet and your bar code number will
    be on your envelope.
  2. Fill out your other envelope (it has purple writing on it).
  3. Take 4 swabs on the inside of your mouth and put it in the envelope
    that has the purple writing on it.
  4. Take your swab envelope and put it in the final envelope.
  5. Mail out your swabs and within about two weeks you’ll
    receive your results!

I can’t wait for my results so I can finally know what I
need and don’t need for my skin!

*DDC ensures results and DNA data are not shared; all
private information is confidential and protected.
**Available at over 5,300 CVS Stores in July and in
California and Massachusetts in September 2017. 
Due to state regulations, this test is not available in New York and
***Skin appearance can be caused by many factors in addition
to genetics, including environmental factors such as sun exposure and smoking.
Individual results may vary.

**Please note I was given this kit for free as a review, however all opinions are my own!