Travel Series: Where I’m going!


Top:  MakeMeChic // Denim:  Gifted from Ewa Bazaar // Sandals:  Birkenstock // Backpack:  TJ Maxx (similar here)
I’m loving this whole embroidery trend and how huge it’s gotten!  I seriously cannot get enough of it.  Today is the final post of my travel series and then when I’m back from Poland I’ll have a bunch of posts from there.  I can’t believe we are leaving tomorrow!
This is going to be a really good trip because it’s the boyfriend’s and my first REAL vacation.  Not a staycation, or a weekend getaway, a REAL vacation.  I’m going to have to be a tourist (even though I’ve been going to Poland since I was about 2) but I’m also happy about this because of all the places we are going.  We are flying into Gdynia which is where most of my family is, at least the one’s that I’ve “grown up with.”  I put that in quotes because I’ve only seen them a total of maybe 10 times, but they are the ones I keep in touch with and see every year.  Then we will see my grandparents as soon as we land because they are so important to me and I love them so incredibly much.  One thing I hate about being so far away is that I couldn’t be with them more.  Then, the very next day we will be flying into a town right next to Krakow.  We will be site seeing of course and one really emotional place we will end up going to is Auschwitz.  From what my dad has told me, we actually had family in Auschwitz.  I’ve been to a concentration camp before, however it was nowhere near the size of Auschwitz and I cried the moment I saw something in the museum portion that still had hair from back them.  There was a little red bow attached to a braid.  I can only imagine what that little girl had to suffer.  It’s going to be a surreal experience along with a lot of crying because I get really emotional with these things.  You see, as a Polish American, I knew about the Holocaust from my family.  Once they started teaching it to us in school I already knew most of what they talked about.  The thing is though, if you are only being taught about this, you don’t really know the extent of how horrifying it really was until you SEE it for yourself.  
After Auschwitz we will head over to see some of my dad’s side of the family that I actually don’t know.  I met my uncle and aunt for the first time a few months ago when they had stopped in America after a conference.  My uncle is a surgeon so he travels around the world to conferences.  I will meet more family that I’ve only heard about but never seen and I’m so excited for that.  After the first week, we will fly back to Gdynia again and start all of the site seeing in Trojmiasto which translates to Tricity.  This is Gdynia, Sopot, and Gdansk.  There is so much to see there and I can’t wait to show the boyfriend around.  I can’t wait for the food, and seeing my family.  Just so you know, I have set up some guest posts for while I’m away so make sure to check those out!  I’ll be back on the blog (hopefully) July 31st!

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