Dziękuję Wujek and a Linkup


Top:  From my Uncle // Jeans:  DKNY (old, similar here) // Shoes:  TJ Maxx (similar here)
Every time I wear this shirt I think of my Uncle now.  If you can’t Google Translate the subject
that means “Thank you Uncle.”  He got me
this shirt from his work.  He’s my mom’s
brother.  We stayed with him for the
second week that we were in Poland and boy do I wish he spoke English or that
the fiancé spoke Polish.  They would get
along SO WELL.  I translated for them,
but once it came to working on something, that’s a completely different
language in itself that they were able to communicate with.
I basically grew up with this uncle in all of my visits to
Poland.  I always thought he was the cool
uncle because he had motorcycles and he was also this rebellious looking guy
who was also a champion in Judo in Poland back when he used to do it.  He showed me a few of his moves and of course
I was pinned within seconds.  My mom told
me he used to practice on her too haha!
Anyway, I thought this was the perfect casual outfit.  It’s fun, comfy, and tomboy’ish.  Sometimes I just want to dress down and not
give a rat’s butt about what I look like. 
I love that graphic tees are being worn with blazers nowadays.  So, here’s my graphic tee even though the
wording on it is for a Polish University, but I mean who’s actually going to
know what it says here in America unless you can read Polish haha.  I wanted to add my slip on loafers to the mix
because I went on a crazy shopping spree at TJ Maxx a few weeks ago and bought
5 pairs of shoes.  I just couldn’t help
myself haha!  They were all going for a
really good price. 

Wujek, jeśli to
czytasz pozdrawiam z Ameryki!
Let’s move on to the weekly linkup!


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Jersey Girl, Texan Heart Link Up
Jersey Girl, Texan Heart Link Up
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