Happy National Dog Day

Today is National Dog Day! 
I was asked to jump in on some fun and information regarding fur
babies.  I’m sharing a few fur babies in
today’s post.  Lucky who is my dog away
from home (he’s my grandpa’s dog in Poland), Kuba who is my mom’s Maltese (he
used to be mine, but he liked my mom more haha), Lilly who is my little
souvenir from TX, and Zero who is the most recent addition who is basically the
fiance’s dog because she knows Lilly needs to have my undivided attention at
all times haha!
I had a German Shepherd growing up, we basically grew up
together and he protected me since I was in my mom’s belly.  He was such a great dog, actually more like a
puppy until his very last day before he crossed the rainbow bridge.  I loved that little guy, he was my first best
friend.  I had a really tough time as
soon as we moved to the area when I was in 1st grade, and to be
honest, this dog got me through a lot. 
He helped me survive some bullying when I was younger, and then when he
passed away when I was in 4th grade, I was crushed.  I cried so hard, because I lost my best
friend.  He knew all of my secrets.  I know that I will see him again, he’ll be
waiting for me.


Fast forward to my 18th birthday.  That’s when my parents knew how badly I
wanted a dog, especially a maltese that they got me one.  He is currently 12 years old and still acting
like the puppy he was 12 years ago. 
Eventually since I was going to school and working all the time, I didn’t
have time to take care of him so my mom ended up taking over.  Since she took over he’s been attached to her
hip.  That’s his human, his fur
mama.  Even though this guy is super
tiny, he too helped me get through some tough times in college.  I was so incredibly stressed out, and I had
been diagnosed with Epilepsy so it was tough starting out college on that foot.  He helped me so much.  He knew when I had a bad day and would
immediately be all over me trying to cheer me up.  This little guy is also a world
traveler.  He went all the way to Poland
with us in 2005, and met his best friend Lucky!
Lucky is my grandpa’s dog in Poland.  He’s extremely old now and I think this summer was the last time I was going to see him because I think the rainbow bridge is calling his name and has lots of treats and toys waiting for him.  Two years ago when I went to Poland my grandmother had been diagnosed with cancer.  She was inside the hospital for the entire time I was there so I stayed with my grandpa.  Lucky ended up sleeping with me the entire time I was in Poland.  I don’t know why, but he would leave my grandpa when I was ready for bed and come sleep with me.  He is such a goofy dog and I love his floppy ears and droopy face.  Every time I send a toy to Poland he always knows it’s from me because he treats it differently than his other toys.  He met Kuba a long time ago when we brought him to Poland and he protected the little guy like you have no idea!  It was the cutest thing ever.

Back in 2012 once I finally received my MBA I told myself
that if I couldn’t find a job I would move to Texas and try to start fresh
there.  Well, I ended up moving to Texas
and the game plan didn’t go as planned because my job was not what was
promised, and by the time I was ready to look for a new job, I had to come home
because I got really sick.  In between
the time I was in TX I was extremely homesick and thought getting a dog was the
best way to get over that.  That’s when I
went to the town shelter during my lunch break and had to come back to work
late because I had adopted Lilly Savannah (who was named Snookers at the time).  When I came back from Texas I went through a
really rough time in my life because I had felt like such a failure.  Here I was, back in my hometown, I didn’t “make
it” in TX, and I had no job.  Then about
6 months later, someone that I had reconnected with from college had passed
away from cancer.  I’ve already outlived
him by a few years.  His death changed my
perspective on my life completely.  Lilly
was there for me through all of that. 
She has become the bestest friend a girl could ever ask for.  She’s currently considered a senior dog, but
she’s my grumpy old lady haha.

Then, after I had moved out of my parent’s house, I wanted
another dog.  So along came Zero, the
brindle pitbull/hound mix.  She is the
biggest goofball of the entire world. 
She’s really good with Lilly, she knows Lilly is the queen of the
household, but that doesn’t stop her from messing with her all the time.  She knows that I’m Lilly’s human so she
automatically was attracted to the fiancé. 
Basically Zero is the fiance’s dog at this point haha!

I would have to admit that each one of these dogs changed my
life in ways they will never understand. 
They were there for me when I needed them most.  Of course that is what family is for as well,
but sometimes you have things that you don’t want to tell your family because
you don’t want to upset them so it’s easier to tell your dog because they won’t
judge you, and they will just let you talk and get it all out there.  Below is an infographic from Puppy Spot.  It’s a good read, I promise!  Oh, and check out Puppy Spot’s adorable puppies!