Mani Monday and my Engagement Ring


For those of you who haven’t seen me plaster this all over
my blog, I got engaged while I was in Poland. 
My fiancé and I went to Poland so that he could meet my family and he
proposed in one of the prettiest locations ever in my home country.  I didn’t have my nails done so when I shared
the picture on Instagram, it wasn’t your typical manicured hand with someone
hiding in the bushes taking a picture of him own on one knee.  He did it in private which I liked, and I
didn’t get one of those huge rings that a lot of girls lust after.  He asked me to marry him with his grandmother’s
ring.  This ring will be truly cherished
for the rest of my life because of the meaning behind it.  I love this ring more than any $10,000 ring
out there.  I would choose this over
anything else.  In my opinion the ring is
just a symbol of a commitment.  I’m also
(believe it or not) not into flashy rings. 
The now three rings that I wear on a daily basis is traditional.  The one ring I’ve had since I was a senior in
high school and the other one was a ring that Joey got for me on our first
Valentine’s Day.  I got it because he
knew I didn’t like the cliché Valentine’s Day but he said that every girl
deserves jewelry on Valentine’s Day at least once in their life.  It was super cute, but not expected at all.
As for the engagement, I did not expect it to happen in
Poland.  I expected it to happen, but not
anytime soon.  No, we do not have a date
yet because we are saving up for it on our own so it will take us about 2-3 years
before we are able to do that.  I’ll be
obviously showing y’all the entire process here on the blog of the wedding
planning, but don’t hold your breath it probably won’t be for another year or
so. One of the first things I did when I got home from Poland was give myself a
little manicure so that I had the cliché manicured and freshly engaged hand
haha.  This is the mani I went with
because I love pink!  So, yea, here’s my obnoxious “omg look at my ring” pictures haha!  Happy Monday y’all!

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