Off Roading in Poland

Not only did my uncle enter us into a car race and let us drive his classic car, but he also decided to take us off roading.  I’ve been off roading before, however nowhere near the extent of what we did.  The above car is what my cousin and I went in, while my uncle and Joey went in the Jeep.  All of his off roading cars are all modified and used specifically for off roading.  These cars took all of these hills, mud, water, etc like champs!  We had a great time and I got a natural mud/clay mask (hahahaha) and then we went swimming to try and get all the dirt off, which that still didn’t help.  I think I had dirt in my ear for a good two days haha.  At the end of the day though it was so incredibly fun.  We saw a lot of my uncle’s land and just had an all around good time before returning back to my uncle’s house and getting ready to fly out the next day.

The above and below pictures are of my aunt and uncle’s lake house, and I must say I absolutely loved the interior of their home.  It was so gorgeous!

After we stopped at the house we went off roading.  The below pictures are after off roading haha.  We had a GREAT time!

This concludes the first half of our trip.  It was so much fun and the next week in Poland was horrible weather and we didn’t do as many touristy things, we moreso spent time with my family and just relaxed.