Sopot and Gdynia

The above picture is not an illusion, the building was actually built like this haha.
Today concludes my posts about Poland.  I hope that you have enjoyed it all.  Joey and I enjoyed our 2 weeks in Poland and it was definitely a once in a lifetime experience with everything that we did and what we were able to see.  We went to so many different places (I’ll leave all of the posts for you to read ICYMI at the bottom of this one) and did so many different things.  Since on Friday I shared one of the cities from Trojmiasto/Tri-City today I will share Sopot and Gdynia which make up the rest of the Trojmiasto.  Gdynia is where my family is from and where I usually go every year.  So let’s get into the final post from Poland!

This is St. George’s church.  If you start walking in Sopot at the top of the main street of the city this is what you’ll see.  If you see this church you know you’re in the right spot.  I’ve taken many pictures of this church here on the blog.  If you click on the tags above the “Poland” one I’m sure it’ll redirect you to a bunch of Poland posts.

Krzywy Domek or Crooked House.  This was built in 2004 and the inside is normal, it’s just the outside makes it look like the building is crooked or melting.  I love this little building, although they should trim the trees in front of it because you lose the whole appeal of the building.

This is when we started to walk towards the boardwalk which is the longest one and it goes out so far.  Before you get onto the boardwalk you get to go through the rest of the town and there’s one portion where they have an entire set up of places to get souvenirs, but the way they set it up is so pretty.

Just me attempting to take blogger pictures.  I actually completely forgot to take blogger’esque photos, but I think the pictures of all of the beautiful buildings and sites make up for it.

I’m going to take a minute and applaud the Google Pixel’s photo quality.  Both the fiance and I have the Pixel and he took the above photo of a brown pigeon, but look at the bird next to it.  he got it mid flight.  How amazing is that???

After we got our ice cream we went on the boardwalk.  Joey sat next to a bumble bee that was having trouble getting up so he pushed it to help it.  He said “the bee looked thirsty” so he gave him a tiny bit of his drink.  Well, we watched the bee drink it up with his little straw antenna thing (no idea what it’s called) and then he gave Joey a high five hahahaha.  No idea how this happened, but it did and we got a picture of it!

It had been raining a lot the second week were there and the rain brought all of the nastyness up on shore.  We didn’t go in the water or even walk on the beach because we didn’t have time but at least we got to go on the boardwalk.

Oh hey girl hey!  That’s me!

I mean how could you not take pictures with this kind of scenery?

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This is my little cousin.  His name is Krzysiu.  I promised him I’d make a YouTube video in Polish for him so I really have to get on that!

He so badly wanted to ride these power wheels because they aren’t really a thing in Poland.  They have these in Sopot right before you go on the boardwalk and you pay for the kids to ride around in the small area of the square.  I’m glad he had fun!

I have no clue why, but I didn’t take too many pictures of Gdynia.  It might have been because it was raining and we really didn’t go to too many places in Gdynia.  We just didn’t have time.  If you read the above after Gdynia it says “Moje Miasto” and this means my city.  It’s a thing in Gdynia and a lot of people have stickers that they put on their cars, I actually had one before I got rear ended the first time with my Volvo back in 2015.  Even though I was born and raised here in America I still feel a connection to Poland and Gdynia in general.  We’ve been visiting Gdynia since I was younger and I feel like it’s part of my childhood and part of myself as a whole.
I wish we could go back in time and go relive our vacation again, but unfortunately we can’t and we’ve been “back to the real world” since the end of July.  I hope you enjoyed my series of posts from Poland and now we will get back to normal blogging posts.  Hopefully those won’t bore you to death after seeing so many beautiful things from Poland!
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