The Car Race-We Won a Trophy! (And a Linkup) (XVIII Podkarpacki Rajd, Pojazdow Zabytkowych CJ Blok V Runda MPPZ)

If you saw my Instastories or if you’re friends with me on my personal Facebook for any friends or family reading this, you probably saw all the rage about the car race/show that we were a part of.  What’s great about the whole thing is Joey and I got the honorary trophy at the end of the race.  They had even said that we came all the way from the U.S.  Needless to say I’m pretty sure this was the highlight of the trip for Joey.  He LOVES cars and so do I, but he has a totally different level of love for cars.  And also, because well the highlight for me was getting engaged haha.  
Anyway, the story behind this was kind of funny.  I wasn’t quite understanding how this whole car race thing was happening so once we were done meeting my Aunt from yesterday’s post we set out after dinner time.  We were driving up and down mountains for about 2 hours and seeing the gorgeous mountains and countryside of Poland.  My other Aunt had her friend’s two daughters in the car with her because they were going with us to wherever we were going.  So we get to this hotel and Joey and I are looking for parking when we finally see my aunt again and she says we are staying in a different hotel.  We were getting worried because this was a classic car so we didn’t want anyone hitting the car.  We follow my aunt to another hotel and when we pull in there are classic cars EVERYWHERE!  We were both in shock and could not believe it.  The show/race was being hosted at the hotel.  It was simply amazing!  Our hotel room was great!  We stayed at the Atrium in Polanczyk, Poland.  The owner of this hotel is actually a Polish immigrant who immigrated to the U.S. and then goes back and forth between Poland and America (NJ specifically).  Extremely small world.

Joey and I were in awe over this beautiful wired gate area right outside where we were eating breakfast.  It was so gorgeous!

This was the itinerary of the entire race.  As you can tell we had quite the busy few days haha.  It started Thursday night which is where they offered supper and then the fun really began on Friday morning.  Below I’m going to give a day by day photo story of what happened in these few days because it was freakin cool! 

Well, Friday morning we woke up to this.  We got outside and everyone was ready to go.  Everyone was excited and most people with the first set of numbers were already lining up in line.  If you saw the first picture of this post it has a 25 on it, that was our number in line.  The way this race worked was, it wasn’t just timed.  You also had to stop at the pit stops they had along the way and sometimes they would have little jokes or riddles and other times it was something like shooting pellet guns (which Joey and myself both got 5/5 bulls eye each) or doing an obstacle course.  On the first day we were in 12th place (out of about 40 cars) and we weren’t even trying.  We were doing it moreso to enjoy the ride and the company.  My aunt and uncle were great, this was my first time really getting to know them and they made my experience along with Joey’s amazing.  It’s crazy how your family just takes you under the wing not knowing you at all.

The above is the hotel owner’s Mustang.

Joey really loved the classic Citroen’s.

The line up went from oldest to youngest car.  As you can tell these were the oldest, but so beautiful!

That’s me in front of my uncle’s Willy’s Jeep and behind the VW we were driving.  As you can tell I was a very happy camper, even for it being so early in the morning.

We still had a way’s to go after this picture, but let’s just say it now….AND WE’RE OFF!

Our first stop was seeing these guys!  The bison of Poland.  They are currently in something that’s similar to a sanctuary because they are endangered.  This is as close as you can get to them haha and I’m using the zoom feature on my phone.  It was too hot so a lot of them were hiding in the shade.  
Our next stop was half on our itinerary and half not haha.  We were in the same location, but since we had a little extra time we stopped into this cafe which my uncle actually knew the owner so he opened up early for us and gave us a beer to try from the brewery.  It was really good, and so refreshing with how hot it was.  I believe it was after this spot that we went and ate lunch before continuing.

The furniture was all real wood.  SO FREAKING COOL!

This was the place that we were actually supposed to stop at which was across the street.  The inside of this building is a museum for the wildlife that you can come across in the mountains surrounding us.

This is the car that was going insanely slow and we couldn’t even pass.

This is Joseph getting upset (mostly over dramatic for the picture) that he doesn’t even have enough horsepower to pass him haha!

Once we finally caught up to my uncle we stopped at this awesome cafe to have some dessert and coffee.  Then once we were done we were off to the train station.  This was an old school train that had open cars and of course it decided to rain on our way back lol.  Below are some more pictures of all the cars lined up at the train station.

^This one was my favorite!

During the train ride there was a half hour break before the train went back to where we started from.  We went for a walk and I was able to stand in two places at the same time! 
Don’t worry about the rain and the jeep.  My aunt and uncle came fully prepared haha.  

Ok, now the next few photos were taken at a scary point in our drive.  If you look at the below photo you see a little mini stream in between the road right?  Keep scrolling to see how sketchy these bridges were haha.

Trying to play it cool even though I was terrified of the below picture.  That’s how close the water was haha.  I had a really bad nightmare a long time ago and it was like I was reliving it.  But no worries, we made it back to the hotel safe and sound!

My aunt, Joey, ,and I did not plan this bright shoe ordeal haha.

Joey was extremely picky with his food over in Poland.  It’s just not what he’s used to so it was hard to find foods for him that he liked.  Well, we have a winner!  He loved kielbasa!  He had 4 or 5 pieces that night after the first day of the car race.  After this we had to take a walk because I was feeling really full.  We ended up stopping at a cafe to have lattes because well, if you haven’t been following this Poland trip, he now LOVES his lattes.  We had to buy a NINJA that makes lattes just for him haha.

Well, we are officially on Day 2!  If you look in the above picture, all the way in the distance is the dam from Solina Lake.  First we did this awesome little obstacle course in the car.  Of course it wasn’t Fast and the Furious style because everyone had classic cars that weren’t meant for ripping the ebrake, but we did our best and the guy at the finish line was quite impressed with Joey’s quick maneuvering around the cones.  Next, we were headed up to Bezmiechowa Gorna for a beautiful view!  We did not know what was in store for us.

No big deal, just driving through the beautiful Polish countryside.

WE MADE IT TO THE TOP!  Look at that beautiful view.  As soon as I saw this view I started singing “the hills are alive, with the sound of music.”  I had my Julie Andrews moment and I twirled even though I was wearing shorts haha.

We ended up stopping here for some cake and coffee.  And of course to enjoy the view.  It was really funny because one of the people who was helping to organize everything said she wasn’t sure if some of these classic cars could make it up the hill haha.  We all made it though!  Some of us barely did, but we did it regardless!

That’s my uncle, me, Joey, and my aunt.  They were so amazing and I’m so happy I got to spend all of this time with them.  Not only was the car race amazing but actually getting to know family I’ve never met before was great.

Ok, so really funny story about the above picture.  My aunt wanted to get a picture of me on the jeep so she said to sit on the hood.  I knew the hood was going to be boiling hot, but for whatever reason I guess I forgot that I had shorts on.  Needless to say I burned my bum a little bit haha.

Joey drives vans to work because they need big commercial vans.  He said he could barely fit anything in the above van but that he was going to be trading his in for the classic version hahaha.  I just about died laughing.

My aunt took some pictures of us together because how could you not?!  The scenery and view was absolutely spectacular!

The next part was one of my favorites.  The competition was to dress up as the era of your car.  There’s one that I loved that I didn’t get a picture of, but here were some of my favorites!

^Can anyone guess who they were?  I think the Swedish flag and the Swedish car should give it away, but if you still didn’t get it, they are supposed to be Pippi Longstocking and her horse!  This was a wife and husband duo, absolutely loved them for doing this.

Later on that day we went back to the hotel room to relax for a few minutes and we heard this crazy loud noise.  Well turns out a helicopter was landing right outside our balcony and apparently he was some kind of celebrity that wanted to see the cars haha.

Oh, and we won a trophy.  You know, no big deal.  Actually who am I kidding?  It was amazing!  We got the last award of the night which was the honorary award.  The CEO of this whole organization handed us the trophy and he mentioned that we had flown all the way from the U.S. and joined this race.  We still haven’t drank our champagne out of it, but we will.  All in good time!  We had an amazing time and I can’t believe my uncle organized all of this for us.  This was such an amazing time!
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Jersey Girl, Texan Heart Link Up


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