Where We Stayed and Where He Proposed


If you were following my Instastories (I posted a little bit
on there throughout our trip) you saw where we stayed the first few
nights.  All I have to say is it was
absolutely beautiful.  The rooms were
exactly what you needed, nothing fancy but it was clean.  We had a bathroom, shower, clean sheets and
blankets, a TV (which we didn’t use anyway) and it was peaceful.  We took so many pictures of this place
because it was that beautiful and we are actually planning on going back there
one day when we are older since we did get engaged here too.  Before I get into that story, here are some
pictures and a little more information about the place we stayed.
We stayed in Dom Pielgrzyma, in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska
Poland.  This place is perfect because I
just looked up rates last week and if you book online it’s $39 a night.  It’s set in the perfect spot because it’s in
a Church Retreat location so there are monks, priests, and nuns that walk
around.  There are hiking trails that are
supposed to resemble that of Mary, Jesus, etc.  Another great part about the location is the
small town that it’s in is about 45 minutes to an hour away from all of the
places that we visited.  The drive isn’t
bad either.  The food here was great,
along with the atmosphere and setup of the restaurant and café.  The one thing that the fiancé came to enjoy
was drinking lattes so everywhere we went he would always ask for one.  He also liked that there’s café’s everywhere
including this place that we stayed in.

The above few pictures are where we ate in the morning.  Since we basically were getting up early every morning and had a jam packed schedule of site seeing and being your typical tourists we were early birds.  It was nice eating breakfast in the peace and quiet.  Also, I don’t know what these Polish women do with their scrambled eggs, but they taste way better than what you get in America.  My mom’s are the same way.  I wonder what the secret is!

This was the outside of where we stayed.  This entire place was placed on top of a big mountain so when you drive up the hill all of the sudden you see these beautiful buildings.  When the GPS told us to turn into here we were amazed.  You see, my uncle and his friend planned out this entire trip for us.  My cousin had a family emergency so he couldn’t come to all of these touristy places with us so we were given a car and an itinerary.  So I’m sure you can only imagine what are faces looked like when we found out we were staying in such a beautiful area.
Now, if you keep scrolling, the below few pictures are the trails that I talked about previously.  These were all over and unfortunately we couldn’t go on them, but we did climb up the mountain a little bit.  Keep scrolling to see what we stumbled upon.

We can only assume that those buildings we stumbled upon are mausoleums but we aren’t sure.  Regardless, it was a short and beautiful hike.
Keep scrolling to see what the square looked like.  It’s so pretty!

The above picture is when we stepped out of our “block” of the hotel.  Basically it was almost like an apartment complex.

When you first walk in (or drive in, depending on if the main entrance is closed for the night) this is your view.  Don’t mind the traffic cones, I was told that they were expecting people and they wanted to block certain parking areas off.

This is what was in front of our room.

That tunnel is the entrance.

The fiance and I witnessed this little baby find his shadow for the first time.  It was the cutest thing ever and we were cracking up.  Little kids can be pretty entertaining.

The top half of this building straight ahead was the restaurant and the bottom half was the cafe.

The fiance said that he learned to love lattes after our trip haha!
The Proposal
Now, the fun part.  As
you may or may not have seen on Instagram, we are engaged!  I get to marry my best friend!  I know that I told a few people how it all
happened, but I wanted to let my readers know how it all went down too.  It was extremely simple and there weren’t any
other people around which was really good because I didn’t want to make it a
big to do.  My (now) fiancé is a pretty
big jokester but really sweet and at the same time.  When we arrived to the place we were staying
at he had asked me if we could go for a walk. 
I said I was tired but yea, sure, why not.  So we went for a walk around this place.  We stopped in front of the fountain pictured
above and it was really weird because I wanted to go inside but he said “why
don’t we just stare at the statue and the statue puppy” (insert laughing until
crying emoji here).  Then he got down on
one knee and asked “will you tie my shoe” and I just responded with omg you’re
ridiculous let’s go to bed please and he then pulled out the ring and said no
but really, will you marry me.  Of course
I said yes.  He gave me his grandmother’s
ring.  That’s basically how we started
our entire trip, was on that note. 
People have been asking me about the date of the wedding and to be
completely honest I’d like to do it in September of 2019, but we will probably
wait longer because financially right now neither of us can afford a
wedding.  I want a simple wedding
regardless so I think we will have a smaller budget than the average person.   


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  1. Congrats on your engagement! I wish you all the best. The place you stayed at is beautiful, and I can't believe how affordable it is to stay there!

  2. amazing! what an amazing way to start your trip, and enhance the memories of this travel. we're going to italy next spring…i'll have to drop some clues that this would make for a great engagement, lol! all the best.

  3. Monica, I am so happy you are engaged. Love that beautiful place and that he proposed in your home country. I loved how simple yet chic and elegant the ring was. It has more meaning and sweetness attached because it was his grandmother's. =)

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