“White Henna” Tattoo Kit


If you saw my post last month (here) about the regular Henna Tattoo
Kit from Earth Henna, I was able to review the White Henna Tattoo Kit.  Now you might be asking why I put white henna
in quotes in the title, but that’s because there’s no such thing as white henna.  Henna stains the skin a orangey color, so
white henna is body paint.  They call it
white henna because of the henna designs. 
This kit is completely different from regular henna.  You’re basically just using body paint and it
comes off so easy, you just peel it.  So
if you are looking for something that is extremely easy to take off and doesn’t
stain the skin, then I would suggest this kit. 
It’s also a lot easier to use, and it takes less time.

This kit doesn’t come with traceable designs like the regular henna tattoo kit, but it comes with pictures of ideas that you can make yourself.  Basically I was free handing this time around.  So what you do is you take the body paint and put the thin applicator on it.  Then you start working on your design as seen below.

After about 10 minutes the design should be tacky to the touch.  That’s when you add the white cornstarch or the silver glittery to your design.  Use the cotton ball but be careful not to have the cotton ball actually touch the design because you’ll get the fuzz from the cotton ball stuck on your design.

Once you are done, brush it off with the above makeup brush.  After about another 10 minutes go ahead and wash off the excess cornstarch or glitter.  Then, voila you are finished!

Happy Friday y’all!
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