Skin DNA Results


If you saw my post about my Skin DNA kit before I left for
vacation, you already know that I promised y’all a follow up post.  Well today is the day!  I’m so sorry that it’s so delayed, but it has
been extremely hectic for me, and I know my blog has suffered a bit.  I got my results back and it was so
interesting to read!  All you have to do
is log on and it will give you a file that has all of your results.  I printed mine out, because I prefer to read
off of paper instead of the computer. 
Yes, I know I’m old school and weird. 
Basically this is an 11 page print out that tells you how to
read your results and the print out even gives you directions on what to do
next depending on if your below average in certain categories.  There is a bar that will appear at the top of
each page and it will go from red, orange, yellow, green, and finish with
blue.  Blue is optimal, yellow is global
average, and red is non-ideal.  I was
generally in the green area which is in between global average and
optimal.  To be completely honest I was
extremely surprised because I’m fairly fair skinned until I go out in the sun,
and I used to go tanning in tanning beds A LOT. 
I’ve since stopped and I honestly don’t even go out in the sun too much
at the thought of possible sun damage on my skin.  Since I’m only almost 30 and already seeing
wrinkles, I’m a little worried.  So,
finding out that I’m in ok shape made me so happy!  At the bottom of the page you’ll have a
charge that sys topical, supplement, and professional treatments.  Topical is based on your genetics, supplement
is based on any nutritional supplements you are taking, and professional is
when you will actually need to see a professional.  There are 7 categories that the kit tests
  • Category 1-Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Category 2-Sun Protection
  • Category 3-Skin Sensitivity
  • Category 4-Skin Elasticity
  • Category 5-Pigmentation
  • Category 6-Collagen Quality
  • Category 7-Skin Antioxidants

After going through all of my results I definitely need to
work on Category 1 by watching my sugar intake and a lot of other things, but
that was one that stuck in my mind, because that’s somewhat easy.  Category 3-Skin Sensitivity was also below
average so I need to make sure I moisturize and watch what products I’m
using.  Part of Category 6 my collage
fiber formation is non ideal so I will need to take a look at this to make sure
my skin is being taken care of properly.
Basically, I think this was worth it because it got down to
the nitty gritty of what is needed for my skin. 
Now that I’m basically 30 I’ve started to take preventative measures in
keeping my skincare routine up to date and making sure my face stays young
looking for a while.  Although, I will
say I have pretty good genetics thanks to my mom and dad so if I can age like
them, I’d be totally fine with it!  My
parents do not look their age at all.  I’ll
be crossing my fingers that I’ll look like them when I’m their age!

*DDC ensures results and DNA data are not shared; all private information is confidential and protected.
**Available at over 5,300 CVS Stores in July and in California and Massachusetts in September 2017.  Due to state regulations, this test is not available in New York and Maryland.
***Skin appearance can be caused by many factors in addition to genetics, including environmental factors such as sun exposure and smoking. Individual results may vary.

**Please note I was given this kit for free as a review, however all opinions are my own!