TomboyX Tshirt and Shorts


Tshirt:  TomboyX // Underwear:  TomboyX
Recently I was contacted by TomboyX to become one of their
ambassadors.  They are a company that
sells underwear, apparel, and swimwear. 
They sell a lot of different items and you can go ahead and shop their
products here.
I was able to review a pair of underwear and a tshirt.  This is obviously not something I would wear
outdoors, except for the tshirt.  The
underwear is obviously an at home type of outfit haha.  100% of the proceeds from this particular tshirt go to the Southern Poverty Law Center.  I wore the shirt a few times already because
I like the “rise up” message on it.  I
feel like it’s a message that I live by. 
Rise Up to me means to never give up and to keep going.  Rise Up means to rise above in the worst of
times.  It sometimes also means to me to
rise above toxic people in my life and to not stoop to their level.  Many times in my life (until a few years ago
when I got rid of every toxic person) I was not able to rise above the nonsense
and I gave into stooping to the other person’s level.  Nowadays I’m the complete opposite.
I do believe that every person should rise up against
anything.  Keep pushing and challenging yourself.  You cannot live in your comfort zone for the
rest of your life.  I know some people
need to do this otherwise they get anxiety over trying something new, or doing
something irrational, but there’s something so liberating about doing things
you didn’t think you were capable of. 
You’ll definitely be seeing this tshirt on the blog again,
because I’ve been loving this whole graphic tee trend in the fashion world
lately and I think this tee gives a great message to everyone.  What I love is the fabric is extremely soft and smooth almost.  
**Please note I was given this tshirt and underwear to review, however all opinions are my own.