Embrazio Teaser


Backpack:  Embrazio
If you follow me on Instagram, and my blog I was talking
about a huge announcement a few weeks ago. 
Remember the company Embrazio that I worked with over the summer?  They sent me bracelets and a crossbody bag
that I wore all throughout my trip to Poland. 
You can read that review here
Well, guess what?!  They asked me
to come back again for their Kickstarter Campaign for their Renaissance
Backpack.  I won’t do the full review
today, but I just wanted to send a quick teaser post so that you know to stay
tuned.  All I can say is so far I’m
loving it and it’s been good to me the past few weeks!  If you want to take a look at it, you can
click this link.  I really have no
complaints about this backpack, it’s absolute perfection.  Backpacks are trending nowadays and I’m so
happy they are.  I have a few now and
they are perfect.  They’re trendy, super
cute, and serve a purpose!  They are
perfect for all of the things I need and then a little extra room.
Stay tuned for my full review within the first few days of
November!  Next week is all about

**Please note I was given this backpack as a review, however all opinions are my own.