Halloween Series: DIY Cat Ears Headband


I’ve seen these cat ears everywhere.  I fell in love when I saw just the regular wire ones and could not find them anywhere.  I decided that instead of stressing over not having them, I would just make them.  I remembered that I used to make wire bangles so why couldn’t I just take that same concept and put it into cat ears?  Below is my simple DIY for these fun wired Cat Ear Headband.  This is a quick and easy tutorial and a pretty short post.  Happy almost Halloween!
What you’ll need:
Wire headband (I got mine from Walmart)
Wire (Michael’s)
Beads (Michael’s)
Needle Nose Pliers
Cutting Pliers

Step One:  The Ears
You’re going to cut two pieces of wire for the ears.  It’s ok if they are curved because you will point them when you put the beads on them.

Step Two:  The Beads
You’ll have to make sure that for the size of the ears you have an equal amount of beads.  Then you can make it into a point.  You’ll need to Take your pliers and wrap the wire around the headband and then fasten it by pushing down with the pliers.

Then just repeat on both sides and you are done!
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