Halloween Series: DIY Mary Poppins Hat and Costume


Top:  Ewa Bazaar // Skirt:  Zanstyle // Shoes:  Gucci similar here // Umbrella:  Ewa Bazaar // Bag:  Ewa Bazaar // Hat:  DIY (tutorial below)
When I was younger of course I loved my Disney princesses
but I also loved a few movies that didn’t have to do with your typical
princess.  A few of my favorites were The
Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins, The Neverending Story, The Sound of Music, Pipi
Longstocking, and Pete’s Dragon.  I loved
these movies because since they were real life actors and not cartoons (instead
for the dragon in Pete’s Dragon), it made my imagination go to places that I
loved.  I was never really a popular kid
who was surrounded by friends, we lived in places where there weren’t very many
kids around so I had to play with my brother or just by myself.  My imagination is something that I will
forever be grateful for.  I don’t know if
it’s genetics or if it just develops, but whatever my parents did while my mind
was developing they did an awesome job because my imagination took me to places
that made my childhood so enjoyable.
Since Mary Poppins was one of my all time favorites, I
thought that this year would be the time for me to do my version of the Mary
Poppins costume.  Believe it or not I don’t
currently own a white button down.  I can’t
find where my red bow tie went, and I couldn’t find a hat to make into a Mary
Poppins hat.  What I ended up doing was
making my own and doing a modern day fun version of Mary Poppins.  Then I decided that I would see if I could
find a hat headband if I had no luck finding a Mary Poppins’esque hat.  Which I found one at Walmart!  It had some Halloweenish things on it but I
ended up ripping those up!  Here is a step
by step tutorial (that’s super easy) for this Mary Poppins hat.
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What you’ll need:
Headband and Hat (found at Arts and Crafts store)
If you find one premade, here is a similar one
Daisy Faux Flowers (Michael’s)
Faux Cranberries (Michael’s)

Step 1:
If you purchase a hat that already has something on it take those off.  Once you are done, pop your daisies off of the stems, and cut your faux cranberries.  make sure to keep a little bit of the stick portion still attached to the cranberry.  It’ll be easier when you go to hot glue gun these small pieces.

Step 2:
Hot glue gun the daisies first and place them wherever you like.  Then add the cranberries in little crevices, or wherever you desire.

Voila!  You are finished!