It has Pockets! My Opinion on Blogger Haters and a Linkup


Dress:  MakeMeChic // Hat:  Ralph Lauren // Boots:  Old
Who doesn’t love a dress with pockets?  Every time that someone compliments on any of my dresses that have pockets I always respond with Thank you, it has pockets!  I received this dress from MakeMeChic, and I know I’ve been talking about them a lot over the past few weeks, but they’ve sent me numerous items.  I know that this dress may seem very plain to some people, but loose maxi dresses are trending and they are so comfy.  Since the weather is starting to cool down here in NJ I’ll be wearing this maxi with boots.  I recently went on a birthday shopping spree for myself and bought a few pairs of booties, one of which is faux snakeskin.  They are seriously the cutest shoes ever.  Anyway, if you’re wondering about the quality of the dress, it’s great quality, especially for the price of $23.99.  The texture and overall feel of the dress is that of a cotton tee (this dress isn’t cotton though).  It also comes in the color green.  I know I’ve said this before about MakeMeChic, but I’ll say it again.  Their clothing is of decent quality.  I know a lot of people are hesitant to buy from these companies, but I’ve only gotten maybe 2 items out of the 20 that did look better online than in person.  The one was a little see through, and the other one was a little thinner than I had thought.  However, everything else has been great.  I think they are part of Shein, so if you’ve ever shopped through Shein you should know how their products are.  I’ve linked up some more rose embroidered items below since that is super trendy!
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Ok, now that I’ve shared the positivity with my outfit
because who doesn’t love a dress with pockets, I have to give my opinion on
something.  The other day I was browsing
the internet looking at some of my favorite bloggers and I stumbled upon this
one blog.  I will not be mentioning the
name because I don’t believe it deserves any more traffic, but it’s basically a
blog/forum that just hates on and makes fun of bloggers.  What they do is, they pick a blogger to start a thread and they all just post their negative opinions.  It was so incredibly entertaining and sad for me to read.  I’m going to be honest, I did read a few
pages of this one thread about a blogger I follow because the comments were
just outrageous.  I understand that some
bloggers are not everyone’s cup of tea, but the people in this thread sounded
like the girls you heard in the bathroom making fun of other girls in your
school and you would lift your legs up so they wouldn’t know someone else was
in there at the thought of them flipping out that you heard them talking badly about someone else.  They basically sounded worse than Regina George.

Not only were these people attacking the bloggers for their
blog, but they were attacking them personally as if they knew them for
years.  It was extremely catty.  So for those of you who either know what
forum I’m talking about or have participated in said forum I have a few words
for you.

Ok, maybe more than a few

Jealousy is running through your veins.

Those of you who were saying how ugly a blogger is, or she
sounds so dumb, or legit nit picking EVERY. LITTLE. THING. THEY. DO. Makes you
look sad, pathetic, and jealous.  Since when is it a thing for a grown woman to say such horrible things about someone?  Were you the one who was made fun of in high school so now you have to do the exact same thing to others to make yourself feel better?  Are you really THAT insecure?

You need some education before calling a blogger greedy for
what they charge.

As a blogger that has done advertisements on other sites, I know that certain things can be super
expensive and they don’t fit my budget. 
For example I wanted to put an ad on a blogger’s site a few years ago
but once I saw that her pricing was $150 for a 200×200 ad in the sidebar for
the month I said no I can’t afford that, what is she crazy?  However, after blogging for a few years I can
see why her price was so high.  First of
all, her SEO is ON POINT.  When I search
for certain things on Google or Pinterest she’s the first one that pops
up.  This was her full time job at the
time and when you have a full time job you have to monetize somehow.  That amount may sound ridiculous but a lot of
bigger brands are using bloggers as their advertising.  You know how much money they are saving?  Instead of paying for some crazy
advertisement (that a good percentage of people won’t pay attention to) they
send a blogger something for review, let’s use a fall jacket for example.  The blogger styles it their own way and then
puts it on their blog, but along with sending the product for review there is
also an advertising fee.  So, the jacket
that took maybe $10 to make but costs an astronomical price gets sent to a
blogger with an amazing following and record of her (using the word her because I’m basing this little rant about the thread I read) followers purchasing through
her blog and on top of that they pay a small (well it’s considered small to a
brand) fee for it to go live on her blog and social media channels.  It’s a brilliant business.  How many people will see what it looks like
on their favorite blogger and go buy it, as opposed to flipping through a
magazine and having to actually go out to the store and buy it while at the
same time not seeing it on an everyday person, but a model?  I’ve actually heard of people not wanting to buy certain things because they don’t see it on a real person, but a runway model which doesn’t make it relatable.  It’s a win win for the brand.  I’ve bought a ton of things through multiple
blogger sites because I see something I like, they link it, I buy it.  Yes, I know most of them are affiliate links,
and that’s another way bloggers monetize. 
Why would they link an item without the affiliate tracking ID attached
to the link if they are going to link it anyway?  I mean, it’s common sense people.  I’m not saying all bloggers do this, but the
ones who do it full time have to turn this into a business and no longer a

“OMG did you see her Instagram post today?  Like, that’s the dumbest outfit ever.”

It may be a dumb outfit, or even basic b*** outfit, but
their fans love it.  They know their
target audience and they market that audience. 
That’s legit simple marketing haha.  Every blogger has to have a target audience because that’s what fits their niche.

“I can’t believe she calls herself a fashion blogger!” 

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, however fashion is an art form.  You can’t judge fashion.  What works for one person, or even one body type won’t work for another.  There’s also different types of fashion.  There’s plus size fashion, casual fashion, high end fashion, runway fashion, on a budget fashion, Southern fashion, East Coast fashion, West Coast fashion etc.  You get the point.  There’s bloggers out there that I follow because they do a lot of simple and casual outfits, and others that are extremely out of the box that I just like to look at because I know I could never pull off certain styles they have and their pictures are like looking through a magazine.

All she does is just take pictures of herself, drink coffee, and hang out.

I can’t speak for the blogger in the thread I found, but I know from my own experience that’s not what bloggers do all day long.  Their life may seem glamorous and as if they don’t do anything, but that’s not entirely true.  Yes, they are working for themselves and they set their own schedule just like any business owner would.  However, blogging is not just taking pictures and doing nothing all day.  I have to take multiple pictures on the weekend because during the week I cannot take pictures of my daily outfits like some of these full time bloggers.  Most of the time some of these bloggers take their own pictures and edit them by themselves.  Editing alone takes some time.  Writing a blog post isn’t as easy as you think.  Some of these bloggers make posts about some items that are certain prices or sales.  You have to look through the interwebs and find products in certain price ranges.  When I write a blog post it takes me a little bit of time to write my post, then I proofread it at least 3 times (even though when I read my post the day of, I sometimes find errors I didn’t catch before).  Then I link the items that are in my post.  If I’m able to go through affiliate links I do that, and if I can’t do that I try and find the item online, and sometimes if an item is sold out I try and find the closest thing to that item.  Sometimes bloggers have events that they go to because it’s either educational or they’ve been invited to be part of the panel.  You always have to remember, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.  I read a post by a full time blogger about a year ago and she went into her daily routine and it’s insane how much time she spends on her blog, but then again, this is her full time business.

She’s totally deceiving us about her love life, I looked at her social media and her boyfriend’s.

WOW, stalker much?  You have really graduated to a new level.  If you’re going on someone’s social media to look at their pictures or whatever that’s fine, but if you’re going on there to snoop because this blogger didn’t post a picture with her boyfriend in a while is ridiculous.  Maybe they were going through a rough patch and they wanted to keep it private instead of making it public information.  It’s really no one’s business but theirs.  Basically you are the epitome of an internet troll.

To be completely honest, I really don’t know why this forum exists, but I guess it’s a place where keyboard warriors can get together and make fun of people just because they can.  To create a forum that is 230 pages long (and I think 3 years long) basically saying the same thing over and over is really sad.  I kind of feel bad for the people who wrote in this forum.  They obviously spend their time on the internet and don’t have an actual hobby, or something that makes them happy.  Not to mention how insecure they must be to have to be so incredibly mean to another human being just to make themselves feel better.  I can’t say I’m surprised that a forum like this exists, but I was hoping that grown women were past these types of things, obviously not.  I know that bloggers are public figures and there’s always going to be some people out there who aren’t fond of certain people just by their look, but I mean, do we really need to make forums dedicated to hate?

Anywhoo lol.  Rant over, time for the linkup!  Also, don’t forget to enter the giveaway from last week!
For the giveaway, thanks to Ewa Bazaar one lucky winner will win a Kate Spade Crossbody.  Below are two colors that you will be able to pick from.  Good Luck Everyone!  Just as a disclaimer, ALL entries will be verified and you will be disqualified if you are not following on all social media that is listed in the giveaway.  If you are a “repeat offender” (someone who constantly enters giveaways then unfollows once they don’t win and then follows again when it’s time for another giveaway) you will be automatically disqualified.  If you win, you must post a picture on social media and tag myself and Ewa Bazaar!

Jersey Girl, Texan Heart Link Up
Jersey Girl, Texan Heart Link Up
**Please note this post contains affiliate links.
**Please note that I received this dress as a review, however all opinions are my own.

14 thoughts on “It has Pockets! My Opinion on Blogger Haters and a Linkup”

  1. First, love your outfit and you look absolutely adorbs in the hat!

    Second: Most of us have had to deal with the occasional blogger troll, which is disheartening when we work as hard as we do. I had no idea there was such a negative blog in cyber space designed specifically to shame others. It makes my heart heavy. Let's lift each other up in celebration, not break one another down.

    Keep up the great work, doll. WE appreciate you! Xo Jonet

  2. I had no idea there were sites like this. There's a part of me that is interested to know what they are saying, but I think I'd do better keeping my head in the sand.
    I know my weaknesses, and I know I'm not perfect. I guess I don't need to hear it from others, right?

  3. Wow, that makes me so sad but that mean girl mentality never stops after high school. People think they can say whatever they want because they can hide behind their monitor and keyboard. Sucks. Love that dress by the way, looks so comfy!

  4. Omg, I hear ya! Especially with people who think that blogging is easy money. Nope, blogging takes up a lot of my free time along with taking care of my kids. It's hard work and it takes a lot out of you. You are wearing several hats and trying keep from downing under it all. I love it, but it is so not easy.

  5. Um, wow! I find it sad that people feel the need to bash others based on minimal things like this. Besides, it's a waste of life's time! If someone doesn't like a blogger, that's A-ok. But it's super childish to go to a blog or forum to post and nit-pick about stuff like that. My rant for the day!

  6. Sadly it doesn't surprise me that sites likes the one you mentioned exist. When I first started blogging another blogger told me that she'd been the subject of trolling. It's hideous and I just don't understand why people want to spend their time and energy criticising others. Anyway, on a lighter note, I love your long dress. It looks great with the hat!

    Emma xxx

  7. Hi, thanks for such a honest post. Better even that it is accompanied by that gorgeous embroidered maxi dress. Love the hat with it, Monica. I have been the subject of trolling (probably on the same site you are talking about) and it hurt a lot at first, it really did – trust me – but to each their own. I still sleep fine at night and do my thing. Like you said, every blogger and every style is different, who are we to judge how someone lives their lives or dresses their bodies? Worse if they judge how you parent your kids, what you eat/drink/feed your family, or what you charge about something, etc. Blogging is a lot of hard work.

    I agree there is free speech in this country and that is great, but forums like these bring out the worse in people and only put people down. However we can't stop these sites from existing. We should embrace positivety and lift each-other up. I am always a very positive blogger. I love, appreciate and value my peers (as you know too well). I try to collaborate with brands and bloggers whom I love and I have things in common with.

    Now, I want to say, did you check out my Thursday Moda post from last week?! You were my featured blogger and I meant every single word I wrote about you in that paragraph. Please read it Monica and let me know what you think. Thank you.

    Happy Hump Day! <3 Ada.

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