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Melissa Bolona Mentioned in the Telegraph for Winter Street Style

For Melissa Bolona style has been a way of life since earliest childhood.  The Melissa Bolona IMDb page lists her acting credits, which go back to 2013, but she has been a style icon since before then.  In fact, Melissa’s passion for clothing fashions goes beyond modeling.  She has even written articles and blog posts for several magazines.
Melissa Bolona Is a Trendsetter This Winter
The most recent edition of the Telegraph, a British lifestyle and pop culture publication, mentions Melissa Bolona’s winter fashions.  A photographer for the telegraph photographed her wearing a shiny black coat over a white blouse and white trousers.  The article describes the coat as a “Wanda jacket.”  Melissa’s photo appears in the section on shiny jackets.  The Telegraph identifies mid-length coats made of shiny black nylon or vinyl as a fashion trend this winter.
Other Winter Trends in the Telegraph Article
The Telegraph article shows quite a wide range of winter fashion trends, and Melissa Bolona’s black nylon coat looks like the worthiest of a fashion runway.  Many of the other trends featured in the article look more practical than show-stopping.  Timeless trench coats in earth tones like khaki and olive green feature prominently in the article.  Woolen coats with gray checked patterns also look well suited to everyday life in London, as do leather jackets in shades of brown.  The article does, however, feature a few other colorful jackets, like a lipstick red mid-length leather coat.

Melissa Bolona is no stranger to winter fashion, having lived in places that require coats for most of the year.  She grew up in Connecticut and Peru and studied in Paris for a while.  Melissa is also an actress and philanthropist, but it appears that her first love has always been fashion.