5 Holiday Home Decor Ideas 2017


With Halloween having come and gone, the holidays are just around the corner. There is no shame in decorating a little early. After all, the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve tends to be unforgivably hectic and a bit of early preparing can actually help ease the stress. If you are already thinking of holiday décor, here are five ideas to get you started:

1. Hang Something Festive: Whether you want a bit of extra flare, or are feeling cramped for space after adding all of your favorite holiday classics to your home, you can always hang extras from your very own ceiling. Whether you like snowflakes, stars or reindeer, you can hang these in a living room or bedrooms to add holiday spirit.
2. Mix and Match Your Halls: Tradition may say to deck the halls with pounds of holly, but you can also mix and match with pine, moss, winterberry and even colorful ribbons. This will make your décor stand out.
3. Add the Christmas Rose: Contrary to what you may have seen in Beauty and the Beast, the Christmas rose is different from traditional roses. The Christmas rose blooms during the winter and can add a variety of colors, and the promise of spring, to your holiday décor.
4. Sparkle and Glitter: The holidays are a magical time and New Year’s is traditionally associated with glittery flare. Don’t be afraid to add these elements to your home, whether you are hanging streamers from the ceiling or indulging in tinsel.
5. Swap the Red and Greens: Trade up the traditional Christmas colors for something unexpected, but equally impressive. Bright gold, silver and bronze décor can add festivity without having your entire home looking like a Christmas tree.
Whether you already have something in mind or are just starting out, November is a great time to plan and even set up holiday decorations. After all, you want at least a month to enjoy them. For more holiday home decor ideas check out Jac Interiors; one of the best interior designers in los angeles.

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