Goth Holiday Look


Tights:  Berkshire // Dress:  Cavender’s (similar here) // Jacket:  MakeMeChic (sold out, similar here) // Boots:  Old Navy // Bag:  Karl Lagerfeld (similar here)
Alright y’all, I have a confession.  Back in my day when I decided to rebel and
when I was the “outcast” I usually drifted towards the goth/punk rock
kids.  Believe it or not, regardless of
how many spiked bracelets they had or how much black they wore, they were some
of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life. 
When I was with crowds of people like this I felt like I was finally
able to be myself.  You see, the thing
about the goth/punk kids that I knew, they didn’t give a crap what anyone
thought of them.  They chose to be
themselves, even if it meant they would get made fun of.  I admired that about them.
Well, I ended up becoming one of those punk rock/emo kids in
college.  In high school I just listened
to the music, but college is when I started to dress more like these
people.  I had studded belts that were
never buckled in the middle, the buckle HAD to be on the side (bahahahaha!) and
converse were basically all I wore, I had the “emo” haircut (the one with the
bangs that had to be covering one eye at all times because I was just so in
touch with my emotions lol), the dark eyeliner, and the list goes on.  I was never really a goth kid, more a punk
kid though.  That’s why when this whole
grunge/goth/glam trend started happening I could not contain myself!  Some of these looks I could never pull off,
but I will say some of them I’m so incredibly in love with.  My style has changed a lot over the years,
and I think that’s why I love fashion. 
It’s all about evolving. 
Nowadays, thanks to my fiancé, I haven’t cared what other people think
about me.  Of course I want people to like
me, but I’m not going to bat an eyelash if someone doesn’t like my outfit or
thinks I look ridiculous.  Fashion is up
for interpretation by everyone.  It’s how
you express yourself.
With that being said, I wanted to try this whole goth/glam
look.  I channeled my inner rebel and
this is what I came up with.  Very
simple, I know, but I honestly loved this look. 
I think it’s one of my favorites. 
I mixed prints and textures and did a bold lip.  I wore my hair up again since I got such a
great response the last time I did.  The fiancé
actually liked me 10+ years ago because of many reasons, but one of which
because I was the only one who listened to this punk rock music that none of
his friends listened to.  To this day we
still listen to this type of music. 
I also wanted to touch base with the tights.  I’m not sure if y’all saw my post a few weeks
ago, but I talked about some Berkshire Legs tights.  These are also by them!  I love everything about them.  They are the perfect fit, and I love that
they have these polka dot designs.  I
have one more pair to review so make sure to stay tuned!
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