NYE Little Black Dress and 2017 Highlights

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Dress:  Banana Republic (outlets) // Shawl:  Banana Republic (old) // Shoes:  Old Navy
So, since I will be in upstate NY on NYE and will not be posting on the blog (around the holidays I usually take some time away from social media and spend it with family) I wanted to talk about some 2017 highlights in today’s post.  There have been so many good things and a few bad things happen this year.
Before we move onto the highlights here are some black dress outfit ideas:
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The fiance went to Poland with me.
This was the first time I brought anyone with me to Poland and we had such a great time.  We were in a car race the first week and did some intense touristy things.  We met a lot of my family as well.  It was a great time to say the least.
I got engaged.
While we were in Poland, one of the most amazing things that happened was we got engaged!  It was such a memorable experience to get engaged in my home country.  We still haven’t picked a date and we haven’t even started planning but we will get there!  We are trying to take care of other things first.  I would really love to purchase our new home first.
I turned 30.
Being 30 isn’t any different than being 29 haha.  I wasn’t afraid of turning 30 like most people are.  It’s just another year and a number.
My blogger bestie got married.
If you know my blogger bestie, Ellen from Ask Away Blog she got married in October!  I’m so extremely happy for her.  She found the perfect guy and she deserves all the happiness she’s been given so far.
My blog turned 4.
This little spot of cyberspace turned 4!  I’m so extremely happy of how far I’ve gotten with this blog.  It may not be my full time job which has been my dream, but it’s come such a long way.  I may not have the following I wanted after 4 years, but it’s still been an amazing experience.
Healthier than 2016, until the last few months.
Up until these last few months (due to health issues that are out of my control), it was such a healthy year for me.  I’ve gained a few pounds back, but have learned how to take care of my body the proper way.  In the new year I will be trying a new diet to help with some of my health issues, or at least try.
Lots of collabs, best one was Embrazio.
I had a TON of collabs this year with amazing brands, but my favorite by far was with Embrazio.  They were amazing to work with and really take care of their bloggers.  The company itself, along with the founders are amazing people.  It was such a pleasure working with them.
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  1. First of all, lovely NYE look, and second of all, what an amazing year 2017 has been for you! Congrats on the engagement, buying your home, and the blog turning 4! I'm sure 2018 will have even more special things in store. Have fun NYE!

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