Ugly Christmas Sweater Scarf


Sweater:  Old Navy (currently on sale) // Pants:  Old Navy (currently under $20!!) Shoes:  Old Navy // Scarf:  Old Navy (currently only $8!)
A few weeks ago I went on a little Old Navy shopping
splurge.  This was an outfit that I
bought during said splurge.  I must say I
got extremely lucky with my fiancé.  When
he sees packages he doesn’t really say anything.  He does poke fun at me for my shoe addiction,
because he’s the one that has to build me a shoe rack, but other than that he
doesn’t really care.  He does ask if it’s
blogging reviews or my own doing and I answer truthfully.  I think it’s because I don’t mind when he
buys himself toys and gadgets.  As long
as at the end of the month our bills are paid I don’t see any issue.  We aren’t parents yet so why not just live
life a little bit.
I know a lot of married women have told me “oh just wait
until you’re married” but I honestly don’t think that’s the case with us.  We both work hard for our income and we don’t
hide anything from one another, unless it’s presents but I’m the WORST at
hiding presents.  I always have this bad
habit of giving presents early because I’m too excited to see the look on the
other person’s face.  Although in recent
years I’ve gotten better.  It’s probably
because I hide the gifts and don’t bring them out until I’m ready to wrap
I wanted to buy this outfit because I love wearing white in
the winter time and I added the black to give a nice contrast along with the
scarf because I have a soft spot for anything ugly Christmas sweater haha!  I especially enjoy ugly Christmas sweater
parties!  Those are so much fun!
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