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A few months ago I had talked about my skin DNA results and the kit that I tried out.  Well, I recently was asked to review another DNA test which was related to health and fitness called the Healthy Weight DNA test.  Since it’s the start of 2018 I wanted to let everyone know about this while y’all are motivated to get back into shape.  Basically what this report does is it analyzes your weight loss ability, food, nutrients, and response to exercise compared to the standard.  Now just as a disclaimer please consult with your doctor prior to altering your diet or exercise.  I actually know that this test is somewhat accurate because a few of the things on the list that I need to work on are actually things that my doctors have told me to work on, but the only issue is they never really gave me a full blown plan, and this analysis and report tells me what my genetics show, a meal plan, an exercise plan and basically what my next steps should be. They explain how much I need of each thing that I’m below average or low with.  This report is a 72 page report so you are getting your money’s worth.  This report is jam packed with information that I didn’t know about before.

How do you get these test results?  Easy!  All you do is purchase the kit, take 4 cotton swabs and swab the inside of your mouth, register your kit (do this before you mail it out!) and send it out.  It usually takes a little while.  I mailed my swabs out on the day before NYE and just got my results yesterday.  Certain results that I read actually make sense for certain things for example how it’s extremely hard for me to lose weight and how much I have to work out and have a strict diet to do so.  It’s because of an unfavorable gene, which we will get into!

Let’s talk about my results.

That is the report summary.  After you see this it’ll take you more in depth of what the rating which I will get into shortly.  About half of these things I knew about and the other half I did not due to my epilepsy and other hereditary health issues my doctors monitor me but they never actually give me good advice or give me a break down of how I can better my health.

Weight Loss Ability

I mean, I hate to blame it on genetics because I don’t like to blame anyone but my own self control but the ability to lose weight has been a struggle with me for a long time.  I actually used to joke around saying that is has to be genetics because no matter what I do I still can’t lose weight as fast as others.  Well, this DNA test showed that I don’t have good genetics and that it is in fact harder for me to lose weight.  The great thing about this is later in the report they talk about how my body burns and what type of exercise regimen is perfect for my body.

Protein/Fat/Carb Utilzation

After reading what is best recommended for me based off of my genetics I found out that the Keto diet percentages are actually the same percentages I need in my body based off of just genetics.  I guess I picked the perfect time to start researching and wanting to do the keto diet.


Vitamin B9, B12, Vitamin D I knew about because of things that I have to monitor.  The great thing is that with these and the other Vitamins that are listed above they provide you with good sources of where these nutrients come from so you can add these things to your diet.


The exercise portion actually really bummed me out.  Basically I have to work out harder than other people because of my genetics.  I was working out so hard before I got sick that I never really realized that my exercise regimen needs to be altered a little bit.  My fat loss to cardio ratio is low so I basically have to work harder than the average person to lose fat during my workouts.  My actual cardiovascular fitness to cardio is a little bit better but it’s still below average.  The genes that respond to strength training are enhanced which means by body reacts to this best and for once I have a favorable gene haha!

At the end I was given a custom meal plan for 7 days and a custom workout plan for both at home and in the gym.  Once I’m off of antibiotics and feeling better I will definitely be taking my results from this and testing everything out.  Maybe now I’ll be able to take control of my health better since I know more about my genetic background.  This was such a detailed report and I actually preferred this over the skin DNA test that I did a few months ago.  Both were great, but the Healthy Weight one has such an in depth analysis report that you really can’t go wrong.

**Please note I was given this DNA Kit as a review, however all opinions are my own.

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