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Top:  Shein // Pants:  Banana Republic (old, similar here) // Boots:  Cavender’s
We’ve all seen the bloggers who get super popular and then all of the sudden they change. They start becoming similar to other bigger bloggers and then eventually they’re all the same.  Basically they just become a sell out of blogging, but they are still making money and are still relevant.  I know that this sounds really horrible to say, but that’s one of the reasons I stopped following a few bloggers.  There’s only a few bloggers that I chose to continue following after many years, and I’m not saying all big time bloggers are like this, but I’ve seen this trend, and I don’t like it.  I’ve seen some of my favorite bloggers basically become clones of one another.  Their content had changed and they were no longer posting about new and affordable brands, but they were posting about anything that was able to be linked through
an affiliate link and more times than not they don’t have a budget friendly option.  I mean, there was an article a few months back that stated that some of these bigger bloggers make more a year than some doctors out there, that’s insane!
However, ladies, not everyone can afford a new Gucci bag every few weeks.  Your girl over here has bills to pay. 
Even though I was finally approved for an affiliate that I had applied to 4 times and rejected 3, I still wasn’t going to only link from specific department stores because of their higher commission.  I either find the same item, or something similar if it’s sold out or if it’s from a store that doesn’t have a website, but I will state what store it’s actually from.  I’m not here to make money off of my readers, I’m here to give you the best deals and steals and teach you my ways of fashion on a budget with a splurge here and there.  I’m here to tell you how I consider shoes and bags investment pieces but also tell you that I’m totally willing to buy a pair of shoes at a much cheaper price if it’s something I know won’t be trendy forever.  I’m here to introduce new brands to you, or new products that I love and use.  Do I link through affiliate links?  Yes, I do, but I don’t link the most expensive pieces just so I can make money off of y’all.  If some of you click on it or even purchase
through an affiliate link, well that’s great, but I’m not stressing over it if no one purchases anything.  I also try to stay on somewhat of a budget.  I’ll link more expensive things, but I’ll link affordable pieces too.
I started blogging as a side hustle for fun.  I didn’t even know you can monetize until wayyy later and that’s when I started taking it more
seriously.  All of my sponsored posts or even product reviews are reviewed honestly. If I don’t like a product or don’t think it’s a quality piece, I will say so.  If I do a sponsored post that’s not really something I blog about a lot I will find a way to incorporate it.  That’s a challenge for me and it’s fun.  Plus, I get to mix it up a bit.
That’s why I want to take it back to my roots of my blog.  I want to go back to wearing my cowgirl boots more often and mixing my punk rockish self, along with showing y’all that being different is the bomb dot com.  That’s one of the reasons I’ve been writing so much lately.  I started this blog for fun and as an outlet for my creativity and my thoughts, and trust me when I say I have A LOT of thoughts lol.  This is my happy place.  If I ever get to the point where I can blog full time that would be awesome, but I will always stay true to myself.  I will always be authentic.  That’s my promise to my readers.
P.S. I also received this top from Shein and I love it!  I wore this for my mom’s birthday the other weekend and I love it!  It’s a little short in the front (it’s a high low) so if you’re wearing lower riding pants you may have a little bit of midriff showing.  The quality is great.  It’s a little thinner than I had expected, but regardless I really love this top.  Since it had a little bit of turquoise in it I decided to play matchy matchy and wear my turquoise boots!
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