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Jacket:  Shein // Hat:  Old Navy // Pants:  Banana Republic (old similar here, but any sloan pant from Banana is great!) // Boots:  Lucky Brand
Y’all have seen me talk about Body Positivity numerous times here on the blog.  I wanted to say that Body Positivity isn’t just the girls who are curvy or plus size.  BOPO is being comfortable, happy, and healthy in your own skin no matter what your size.  I’ve seen women put other women down saying that they’re too fat, or too skinny, or not enough of a “real woman.”  What exactly are we categorizing as a real woman?  You do realize that some women are thin by nature, right?  So you’re going to body shame them, just to prove your own point?  I think that’s a little counterproductive, don’t you?

The reason why I say all of this is because my weight fluctuates.  Each and every single time I’ve been a specific size I’ve had someone say something negative.  You will NEVER please everyone.  That’s why the only person you should be pleasing is yourself.

Three years ago I started dating my best friend aka my fiancé.  I gained some happy relationship weight, and then once life took a turn for the worst I turned to food.  I had gained so much weight that I was close to 200lbs.  My fiancé supported me and my want to spread body positivity at my biggest size.  However, I wasn’t healthy at this size.  Even though I was happy that I would eat the food I loved without any self control of telling myself when to stop my health deteriorated.  Mentally though, I was not happy.  I was trying to convince myself that I was, but I truly wasn’t.  Even though I had support from my readers and followers I went to the doctor.  I was called fat by some people and even though it hurt I kept telling myself that “you’re not pleasing them.”  I found out that I needed to start losing weight and eat healthy because of health issues.  So, I started losing weight, exercising, and eating healthy.  I ended up losing a total of 41lbs (at least since the time I actually started weighing myself).  I felt great!  I had way more energy and my test results at the doctor were the best they’ve EVER been!  Then I started getting body shamed for being too fit.  I didn’t even know that was a thing!  People would say that I got too fit and that I was annoying with my progress on Facebook.  I wanted to inspire people and I mean I was excited that I could do it.  Never in a million years did I think I could be that strict with my health.  That’s why I would share it on Facebook, because I wanted to inspire other people who were on a fitness journey.  I was trying to tell them that it’s possible to get to your final goal.  Then, once I started wearing clothes that fit my new body I was told I was too thin.  One of my coworkers had said “you know that guys prefer a little meat on their women’s bones right?”  I responded to her and said that my boyfriend (we weren’t engaged at the time) was happy with me at any size, as long as I was happy and confident in my own skin.  Then on the other hand another coworker had said “now I can call you beautiful because you’re skinny and not fat.”  I also had someone say “I just want to feed you a burger.”


Then, once 2017 started I kept going with my diet up until recent months when I decided that I was still going to eat healthy, but if I wanted to eat something like a burrito I was going to do it.  I kept up with my workouts up until I was on and off again sick since November.  In my first post of 2018 I stated that I was going to do the Keto diet for health purposes, not for weight loss.  I’m currently still doing more research and to be honest, I might switch it up, but we will see what I decide!  2018 is going to be the year of educating myself on a lot of things.

You see, I’ve reached a point where I’m happy.  I may not have 6 pack abs, but that’s totally ok!  I know what it takes to have those, and I was really close last year but I needed those cheat meals.  I needed to indulge.  I’m still healthy.  I think that if you’re healthy, who cares what size you are?  Everyone has different genetics.  You may be super skinny, but if you’re healthy that’s great!  If you’re fit, as long as your healthy, awesome!  If you’re curvy and healthy, fabulous!

This entire discussion was brought on because of the pants I’m wearing in this post.  I noticed that once I started working out more I was building muscle and these particular pants don’t fit the same anymore.  They’re a little more snug haha.  Which is totally fine, but at least they still fit!  I also love this jacket because it’s perfect for multiple seasons and occasions.  You can wear it to work while also wearing it casually or even using it to dress up.  I love the tulle bows as well, they are super cute.  The fabric is stretchy so if you get a smaller size don’t be worried it does stretch a little.  I find that Shein has been producing better quality pieces.  I think this jacket/cape is great!

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