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Jacket:  Plato’s Closet (similar here) // Pants:  Old Navy // Shirt:  Christmas present from my aunt lol (similar here) // Bag:  Embrazio // Hat:  Gifted (old, similar here)
So, I don’t really have anything interesting to write about today.  I’m having writer’s block for today’s post.  I guess I can write about a few things that have been happening in life recently, even though my life isn’t really that interesting haha!
Blog Future
I’m working on a lot with the blog.  From a new set up/design (which is taking me a while to figure out so please bear with me), to a logo, and new editing software so that my pictures can look more professional I guess you can say?  It helps that I have a new lens for my camera which is way more useful than my other two lenses.  I’ve also decided that my Instagram (jerseygirltexanheart) will be strictly for blogging purposes.  I used to give y’all a glimpse into my life, but there are SO MANY things that I love that it just doesn’t vibe with my blog’s aesthetic on Instagram.  I did however make a personal account (monbons87) so if you want to keep up with my personal life which will include, cars, food, pretty pictures of random things, and whatever else I feel like taking pictures of, just follow along.  I think the reason why I’m doing all of this because of what happened to me.  Ever since I got basically screwed over (for lack of a better word) over the summer with my blog it bummed me out.  I was so excited to rebrand and do a redesign of everything, but then the web designer was a total disappointment.  I would hear from said designer once every two weeks in an email for about 5-6 months with absolutely NOTHING to show for whatever “work” the designer was putting in.  I never saw a design, logo, rough draft, nothing!  I didn’t get a full refund by the way.  Basically, I took that as a slap in the face and I actually took it personally which affected how I felt about my blog.  Now that I’m doing everything myself I’m excited about my blog again.  I feel more accomplished I guess you could say.
I started keto this week. I’m doing the legitimate keto diet (I will keep saying that because everyone keeps annoying me with the makeshift/commercial version of keto) and I must say I’m feeling pretty good so far.  I thought I would miss carbs, but I’m not going to lie, I love eating fatty foods so much better!  It’s taking me a little psychological work to be ok with introducing fats (a lot of them) back into my diet.  When I did the 21 day fix I could only have 1/4 (I think) of an avocado, now I’m eating one full avocado daily.  At least that’s for this
week.  I get to eat cheese (but I still have to watch my dairy intake because even though it’s a fat it’s still not the best fat to eat on keto) and cold cuts.  I also get to eat meat, fatty meat.  So if I want to eat beef I don’t have to look for 95% lean like I did during the 21 day fix.  I seriously cannot wait to eat a steak knowing that it’s keto approved.  Don’t get me wrong, the 21DF was great and it helped me lose 41 lbs but I’m liking this whole eating fats thing.  Yes, I had to say goodbye to my carbs but I’m actually ok with it.  I haven’t gotten the “keto flu” yet and I’m hoping I don’t since I’ve heard so many horror stories, but I will also start taking supplements like electrolytes, vitamin D, fish oil, etc.  I have been doing a TON of research since I was diagnosed with epilepsy back in 2005, but it wasn’t until this last seizure that I decided I have to at least try and see if being in a state of ketosis helps at all.  I know I won’t ever get taken off medication, but maybe it’ll help me be seizure free for a really long time while taking medication.
New Workout
Ok so I’ll be doing an entire review on my experience at this new gym I tried.  The one thing I love about my blog is I’m able to try things I’ve either a. never heard of or b. would have never tried previously. There are quite a few products and retailers I purchase from because I
worked with them on my blog at some point.  I can’t wait to tell you all about my experience at this particular gym (I’m not giving out any names until all of my content is approved by the client, sorry y’all!) and it’s basically like a crossfit, but it’s so amazing.  I don’t know if it was the atmosphere or if it was the coach, but I felt like it was a great workout.  I’ve decided that once I’m a little more used to keto I’m going to sign up for 2 classes a week.  I’m still doing other workouts and will be going to the gym with my mom soon, but I truly loved the workout I tried this past weekend.  I don’t think I’ve ever loved a program/gym this much before and I’ve tried quite a few things in my day lol.
Bucket List
I’m starting to make a bucket list.  A legit bucket list.  There are so many places I want to go and so many things I want to do.  I keep seeing
things pop up on Facebook or I follow these travel bloggers and see places that I would love to go to.  These are those picture perfect places or just fun adventures.  I’ve convinced the fiancé that we should do a doon buggy adventure out in Arizona and he’s actually agreed to it!
I’m going to try and make that happen next year since this year is just not in the cards because I will most likely go to Poland since my grandparents are missing me.
I guess that’s enough catching up lol.  Let’s move on to the linkup!
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