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Hat:  Scala // Ciao Bella Top:  Old Navy (under $7) // Jacket:  MakeMeChic (old, similar here) // Culottes:  VBxTarget // Boots:  Target (under $30)

Can y’all believe that we are almost done with the first month of 2018?  This month flew by.  I’m not sure if it’s because of all the things that went on, or if I’m just not stopping to smell the roses enough.  I’ve been working a lot on my blog and I also started a new diet so I’ve been engulfed in research and many other things.  I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube tutorials on photography, editing software like Lightroom, and even makeup.  I took a close up in my last post for Younique 3D Fiber Lashes and I noticed how bad my makeup actually looked.  So I turned to makeup gurus on Youtube and paid attention to certain things.  I’ve noticed a remarkable difference (after spending quite a hefty penny) in my makeup and skin in general.  I’m going to confess that I’ve been using a beauty blender for foundation and concealer this entire time, but switching to using brushes has been life changing for my face.  It applies so much smoother and you get more product on your face, along with getting an airbrush like finish.  I also watched how to properly do a smokey eye because I have all of these new brushes that I’ve been dying to use.  Basically, I’m so glad I spent the money and time on changing my makeup because since I only really do a full face of makeup on the weekends, this will last me a long time.  During the week I wear extremely minimal makeup.  If you follow my Instastories sometimes you can see that I have little to no makeup.

Just to give a quick update on my Keto diet, so far so good.  I don’t know how this is possible but I lost 5lbs (probably mostly water weight) and I also lost inches.  This is an extremely hard diet to maintain if you aren’t patient and aren’t willing to put in the time to do your research.  I’m very proud of myself that I’m able to do this all on my own without a nutritionist and it’s obviously working because I feel so much better.  My brain is more alert, and I’m losing weight.  I forgot to take progress pictures at the beginning so I took them after a week.  To be fair I will track everything for a month and then wait a week and take all of my progress pictures so that you can see what a month can do.  I will talk about what my meal plans have looked like, and how I feel after a month on the blog.  Just so anyone who is thinking about trying Keto can read more about my personal experience.  I still haven’t tested myself to see if I’m in Ketosis yet, but am planning on doing that this week.

I also wanted to point out that I’ve been in love with hats lately.  A long time ago I used to wear them all the time because I was told I actually looked better with a hat on haha.  I feel like it adds a little spunk to any outfit.  It also makes me feel really confident and different.  I recently started wearing hats more, and I think it’s because I’m trying to switch it up with my style a bit.  I feel like I started to kind of get boring.  I love that I’m able to recreate different outfits with stuff that’s already in my closet, but I felt like it was just getting repetitive.  That might have something to do with how stressful the end of last year actually was.  Anywho, I’ve been really testing out different things (at least they are different for me), and hats have been one of them.  This hat is actually a review from Scala Hats.  I’ve reviewed a few things from them before and have always been a fan.  However, this hat really steals the show.  I am in love with it and nothing compares to this one.  The quality of it is great.  It is definitely a winter hat, because it’s really warm.  You can get this hat here.

I hope everyone has a great week!

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I took this picture as a joke because everyone always thinks these culottes are actually a skirt, so here’s a lovely blooper for your viewing pleasure haha!

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