Happy 3rd Birthday Zero



Zero the hero!  It’s your 3rd birthday baby girl!  You’re one of the best additions (besides your sister Lilly) to the family.  You’re crazy, you’re hyper, you’re a love bug, you’re a cuddler, and you fit right in.  You were only 1 year and 4 months when I met you for the first time, but I knew that day when you pawed me through your kennel at the shelter and let me pet your belly that you were the one.  You were the second dog that I was looking to rescue.  You’re a pitbull so we have to constantly fight the stigma of pitbulls and bully breeds, but pretty lady, you’re SOOO worth it.  I hope that one day the stigma around pitbulls and other bully breeds won’t exist anymore, but I’m hoping we can change people’s opinions with how goofy and loveable you are.  I’m pretty sure the pictures below prove that haha.  I know that you’re a daddy’s girl, but secretly you love me just as much (I hope).  I mean, I did rescue you and I feed you and take you outside.  I love coming home to the happy doggy dance when you and your sister see me.  I wouldn’t want it any other way.  You’ve grown so much and you finally grew into your ginormous paws and ears!  Although, I miss those days because you looked so goofy.  You still look goofy which I think helps you and that pitbull stigma.  I love that you aren’t aggressive and that you’re so loving.  I love that you love Lilly with everything that you have.  I know you get on her nerves sometimes because she’s an old lady, but deep down inside she loves you just as much.  Happy Birthday Zero, I hope this year brings you all the treats and toys you can shred and eat!
Now, here’s a look at the last few years with this goofball.
The day I met her.  She was so tiny!!
You got along with your sister right from the beginning.  She had to learn how to share her toys though (look at the one she’s guarding by her face lol).
Watching dad get out of his car out the window and waiting for him to come inside.


I swear, you’re the goofiest pupper I ever met haha.



You’re always “helping” me with things like my makeup and cleaning.


Your first snow ever!






You’re a cuddler, but you’re also a pillow stealer.



“Hi, my name is Zero.  I love my sister Lilly, Cheezits, and pulling the squeakers out of every toy.  My record is 1 minute.  I love my mom and dad, and I love going outside.  I can’t contain myself when they say the word outside.  I’m also afraid of the vent in the hallway and I run past it all the time and my mom laughs at me and asks if I’m ok.”


The Pitbull Smile





Your sister calls the shots in this household, and you are well aware of that haha.  Disclaimer-This was an action shot, Lilly was not being aggressive towards Zero, they were playing in the snow.